Which architecture school in better?


Hi everybody. I'm considering going to uni of Melbourne, uni of Sydney, or uni of auckland for bachelor of architecture. Can I know which university is better for this course? What do each university emphasized on? And do they teach auto cad in the course or it is assumed that the students are familiar with it? In terms of environment, I hope tht it's a place where there are rich architectural history and culture and music. I'm not that interested in beach. So no nice beaches s okay to me. Please advice. Thanks.

Jan 11, 13 6:03 pm

Before talking about beaches music and culture ask yourself the REAL question: Do you really like architecture? Make sure you really want to do it before even thinking of schools. 

Jan 11, 13 7:11 pm

Yes, I guess I am quite sure as I have applied for BA of Architecture and have conditional offer from the univerisity. Now I'm just not sure which school is better for this course.

Jan 11, 13 8:20 pm

I would figure out where you want to live and then go to the local school. I'm in Melbourne and going to Uni Mel could help you make connections to land a job here. That being said, the company I work at has people from uni Auckland and uni Sydney as well. It doesn't seem like there is much preference between the schools, hiring is more based on folio, experience and / or connections.

Don't worry about learning autoCAD, you'll pick-up all the software once you're in uni. 

Jan 12, 13 12:07 am

Does it mean that there are not much difference in the course structure whichever university it is? And, how about the exposure? Because it seems like if I'm going to Auckland, there might be less exposure to different kind of architecture than in Melbourne or Sydney. Thanks a lot for your help and advice. I'm learning how to fiddle with auto CAD now.:)

Jan 12, 13 4:03 am

At the end of the day, you will be receiving the same piece of paper (diploma/degree) regardless of where you attend school. I get this same question every semester from students- Should I go to USC, SciArc, Woodbury or CalPoly.......? The answer lies in 'In what environment will you thrive and learn.'

Questions you need to answer that may help you decide where to go. Who's paying for school and what is that budget? Do you want/need to get as far away from home as possible or is staying close to/at home OK? What is your focus in architecture- building design, construction, engineering, urban design, landscape design, interiors? Is it important to massage your ego and go to some big-name school because it will look good on a resume? Little schools can be just as good if not better so don't limit the playing field.

Each university will offer its own set of dynamics: The breadth of education will be somewhat static but instructors and class content can make or break a class- your personal success, especially in design studio and projects will be partially dependent on the social structure- is it a friendly environment or is it egotistical and cut-throat. Location setting- is it rural or urban and what is the surrounding community like. Los Angeles is different from Austin, Oklahoma, Bozeman MT or Boston, or in your case, Auckland vs Melbourne etc. The student community can help or hinder you; one typically cannot thrive and be successful when they are unhappy in their environs. Research as many schools as you can and then personally visit your short list to experience the community. Apply to as many schools as is reasonable/feasible- better for you to pick from multiple acceptances versus not getting accepted to the only one you applied to. Enjoy your journey and best of luck.

Jan 12, 13 4:18 pm

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