military getting college for architecture?


HI. I am in the military and need help try to get started in collage for architecture. In high school I took auto cad one year, auto cad 3d the next and loved it and want to do it later in my life.
Does anyone know of a way I can do classes online to get my degree and what other kind of degrees should I get to help me out? I also need help choosing a laptop for architecture programs for deployments, it what I like to play with on my off time.

Jan 7, 13 11:39 pm
On the fence

Unfortunatly, I think your best course of action is to take general courses, probably not related to architecture.  Knock out basics like math, history, english, etc.  Sure take a few cad classes if possible.  But the Barch and March degrees are structured and linear in progression a lot of times. 

I spent four years in the military and when I left I probably had 15 credit hours that transferred to my new school.

Jan 8, 13 11:39 am
Smile of Fury

I agree with On the Fence. Don't worry about knowing CAD or any other architecture software right now. You should take care of the core classes like Fence mentioned, AND work on your artistic ability. How do you visually interpret the world around you? Work on your sketching and start putting together a portfolio. There are tons of examples here on Archinect.

As for a computer, I think an Intel i5 based laptop would be a good fit for you on deployment. I like Asus as a brand. has some in the $500-$700 range.

I was also military, but did undergrad first (not arch) before going back for an M.Arch. Feel free to message me if you have any more questions.

Jan 8, 13 11:35 pm

hmm guess best bet is to do all my basic courses then

Jan 10, 13 5:53 pm

do calculus and general physics 1 get all your English 1 and 2 done, take gen ed such as language,psychology, biology, geology etc.. and take some foundation ART courses such as drawing 1 and 2D and 3D design and color theory. You will have your generals done and some good practice on artistic ability and hopefully know how to use adobe and understand basic design elements and principles by then. = better portfolio and better program and maybe some $$$. I came from the military as well did 4 years then went to undergrad arch and about to graduate with my masters and have have a few years of work at firms now. However make sure you love architecture and would not want to do anything thing else its a long road and you can make money much easier in engineering/computer science or finance / economics.

Jan 10, 13 7:42 pm

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