Changing my major to arch


My dear friends. I have completed ba degree in china, Chinese language maj. Now I'm back to my country (Kazakhstan) and I run a small distribution company. We specialize in textile and electronics. But situation here not so stable and I am thinking to move to London. I always was good at drawing, creating stuff and during my work I really enjoyed taking part in some creative projects: designing package, creating brands, developing some communication system etc. Deep inside I was hoping to do more creative job then running small firm. Yet to own any business demands some creativity, but not as much as it does in design and architecture. I have more energy then I use now. So here is what I'm planning to do: get to AA or Bartlett to study architecture. But after reading some of posts on the web I'm wondering are the things as really bad as everybody mention? What can arch degree can give me besides being architect? What will be choices after graduation? I'm 27 now and do not want to make any mistake. Thanks in advance for your attention!

Jan 5, 13 12:04 pm

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