Roof "cracks" and becomes a "roof wall"


Hello everybody!

I'm a student at the Royal Danish Academy for fine Arts School of Architecture. I'm working on my Bachelor Assignment, and I could use some help and inspiration.

I'm constructing a bulidng, where the roof is also the fourth wall. The roof is low pitched with an 10 degrees angle. The roof "cracks" and the continues down to the ground, so the roof also is one of the building walls. The "roof-wall" has an 80 degrees angle (look at the drawing).

I wondered if anybody knew of similiar projects, so I can get some inspiration. Don't mind the angels, it's more about the concept, where the roof is also a wall. I could really use some help, so if anybody has any kind of refrences, it would be much apprecicated.


- Mads

Jan 2, 13 10:15 am

i like this one from UN Studio in Utrecht:

Jan 2, 13 1:59 pm

is this different than what OMA did for their Educatorium?


Jan 2, 13 3:22 pm

the one i showed is ben van berkel, and i believe it is across the street from the educatorium

Jan 2, 13 3:31 pm


Jan 2, 13 3:49 pm

Sort of like that ^. I'm thinking about zinc sheets covering the roof. Starting from a 1 meter overhang from the wall with a low pitch downwards towards the opposite side of the buidling, then slopes steep down as a wall with an angel of 80 degrees. Imagine it like the walls a wearing a zinc baseball cap. The roof encircles the walls in a way. Ha ha if that made any sense?

Jan 2, 13 5:46 pm
tranz kafka

 form follows crack!

Jan 2, 13 5:57 pm

so do you just mean visually/materially a roof-wall or actually structurally?

Jan 2, 13 6:13 pm

gehry does the sort-of 'zinc baseball cap' a.k.a. mansard roof thing a lot.  look at his case western building or pretty much anything he's done.  he's got smooth roof to wall and folded roof to wall conditions at case western.

in addition to the oma/ben van berkel single surface projects look at dillar scofidio if you need more of that flavor

Jan 2, 13 7:23 pm

Thank you for the respons guys

Nam Henderson: Both structural and visually would be great, thinking about the detailing too. How the wall vertical wall meets the pitched roof and roof-wall.

FRaC: Gehry has done a lot of interesting architecture, but his buildings are more organic and twisted than mine project. Mine has straight walls with a roof that is "mansard-style" in one direction!

Jan 3, 13 4:37 am

you're right.  gehry doesn't do straight walls with folded metal skin that 'cracks'

Jan 3, 13 12:03 pm

^ very organic xDD

Jan 3, 13 12:49 pm

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