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Partly due to being underemployed and partly due to looking to give back, I've had my eye out for volunteer opportunities recently. There's no Architecture for Humanity chapter here (not sure why, it'sa city of 750k with real problems), I suppose I could attempt to start one. The other, more immediate and accessible opportunity would be with HFH. Has anybody here volunteered with them? It looks like meaningful work. I guess I'm basically looking to hear about your experiences while I try to find my way in this new year. Thanks.

Jan 2, 13 2:47 am
wurdan freo

volunteering is great for many reasons.Including the two you mentioned, "Partly due to being underemployed and partly due to looking to give back,"  I started volunteering with a local non-profit when I was laid off and it has turned into a well paying second job for me. I was also able to get in on the ground floor and am one of three who run the company. It may double my salary this year and it is also a great way to network

If I had to pick of the two you mentioned, I would look at both and see if there is an opportunity to create your own job. 

Jan 2, 13 11:28 am

I volunteer with them it is great i have worked on laying sod, nailing baseboards, painting , but because of school i had to stop i try to do it on summer breaks. There could be job opportunities there i was lined up with a construction coordinator to do some drafting work on archicad but it didnt happen. I will hopefully get a chance to do the construction work on a project, diging the slab on grade, they use masonry units instead on wood framing here in fl so maybe some of that just to keep myself busy. I have to face the reality that im going to be unemployed thru school so HFH keeps busy during summer breaks.

Really taking a look at the idp lately HFH is a great way to get hours

Jan 2, 13 12:41 pm

They use the masonry units on the exterior instead of wood framing, but the use studs on the interior and i do remember seeing a house being built in my home town using wood framing. It was a big house and i was young but i remember seeing the framing.

Jan 2, 13 12:47 pm
wurdan freo

If you're in florida, a lot of houses are moving to block or stilts because of hurricane season.

Jan 2, 13 2:10 pm

That makes alot of sense now that you mention it I learn alot from the books that i buy for classes and I havent seen this construction technique in any of them yet. Florida also has a high water table so basements are rare mostly just slab on grade foundations.

Jan 2, 13 7:17 pm

Hi Bowling Ball

I work for AFH here in San Francisco, and an curious what city you live in. If you could summon some like-minded folks there's a good chance you can launch a chapter. The only restriction (that I'm aware of) is a new chapter can't too close to an existing chapter. Anyway I can get you some more info if you want.

Jan 7, 13 5:32 pm

I've already contacted the volunteer organizer for Habitat and there's a schedule being released soon, so I'll keep my eye out for that.  I'm pretty pumped for the chance to work with my hands again, and do some good for people who need and deserve it (and I know I could use the good karma right now, myself!)

kbob, I think I might be able to get together enough folks for an AFH chapter. And there's certainly no chapters close to me (closest is about 1000 miles away, I think!)  I might make that my long-term goal. I'm only working about 30 hours a week right now so perhaps I should strike while the iron's hot. 

Jan 8, 13 11:13 pm

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