Reaching my ultimate goal. Need some advice!


Goal: Own my own Construction and Real Estate company.

I currently work for a small Architecture firm and previously worked for a small contractor company. I'm taking  Accounting I  and Statistics for finance courses this spring to give me more knowledge and prepare me for Grad school in M.S. Real Estate (if I decide to enroll.). I think the MS degree will help I've just received my OSHA 10 certificate and now enrolling to get my OSHA 30 and getting my LEED AP certificate. I've notice that major construction companies and real estate firms require OSHA certificates.

I've also been looking into getting a Real Estate Development Certificates because it directly focuses on the developing process instead of the financial and marketing process t like MS degree provide. I've been applying for construction estimating jobs (I know very boring) because I believe it prepares you in Project Managing, Negotiating and even engineering. My ultimate goal is to have a Construction/Development firm or at least manage one. I'm in debt because of Arch school so doing my own projects is I think a bad idea, and I think working and learning while raise funds for my dream is a win-win

Basically I want to know if I am going on the right path on accomplishing my goal? And if not what would better prepare me?

Dec 31, 12 2:02 pm

this could be useful once it gets going:

Dec 31, 12 6:34 pm

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