Moving in June, will need to find a new job!


Hey all. Just hoping to get some input from people that have gone through a similar experience. 

Here's the gist: Currently employed in the Detroit Metro area. Have 2+ years experience; M.Arch in 2010. My wife is currently a third year resident and was accepted into a fellowship at UC San Diego starting July 1, 2013. We'll be moving to San Diego mid/late June. 

I'm hoping to have a job secured by the time we move and continue towards licensure without delay. Ideally, after I submit my credentials to numerous firms, I would be able to set up a week or so of straight interviews, which would minimize the necessity to make multiple trips out there. Luckily my sister and her family live in San Diego, so I'd always have a place to stay while job hunting!

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how to go about doing this, or have experience with a similar situation?

I'm wondering what is the best way to introduce myself to that sector of our profession without physically being there. Do I send out introductory emails prior to applying? Do I perform some social networking? Has anyone ever secured a position after a Skype interview and successfully transitioned to a new place? 

Any input is greatly appreciated! Thanks Archinects!

Dec 31, 12 2:19 am

What types of work do you want to do? be specific. San Diego is a large market.

also do you have IDP started?

Dec 31, 12 12:23 pm

Peter - I'm hoping to continue working on educational projects, but I am open to anything. I have experience with residential, hospitality and civic as well, but nothing too extensive. The majority of my experience has been K-12 schools, with a few higher-education projects sprinkled throughout. 

I am about 70% done with IDP. The only section I'm lacking is the managerial experience. I plan to begin testing once I get to California. 

Dec 31, 12 1:57 pm

I don't know if California will allow you to test before IDP is finished, look it up online with NCARB.

I would look for firms specializing in educational work there are probably a lot of firms in the region that you want to work with. Send them an email get an informational interview in the next few weeks.

Local AIA president and other regional leaders should be able to give you some hints, look them up and send them an email followed up by a phone call. Look for networking events and email list that you can get your name on.

How is your linked in page?

Do you have an online portfolio?

Good Luck.

Peter N

Dec 31, 12 5:14 pm

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