relation between architecture and mathemtics not talking about simple arithmatics and trignometry ??


hi friends i m not talking about simple maths like golden ratio,finding 1 side of trianlgle by sin ,cos rule,i m talking about topology ,non euclidean geometry,biological morphogenesis,fractals,design optimization ,L -system etc.are these only a part of the research or are really applied by architects to create forms ,which are beyond humans(average) is said that architects take inspiration from  nature to create forms ,but they have an aesthetic approach ,whi dont  they have an engineering approach 

,because nature' has the best possible optimization algorithms for that  particular design as the design has evolved through ages,

actually i dont want to hurt any one ,but no one answered my question in my college ,i  m 2nd year civil engineering undergrad student from india,

Dec 30, 12 8:22 am

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