Architectural NGO's India


Does anyone know about the architectural NGO's that are functioning in India or Bangalore[In specific]

Are they any NGO's around the world that would let their volunteers work from their city[online].

Dec 28, 12 1:31 am

i din't understand what u mean say. can u please explain.

Dec 28, 12 5:19 am  · 

i believe kamaxirav is spamming to sell some sort of construction software.  this post was probably to increase his post count so he looks less spammy.  it's possible there is a real person there, but the fact he strings words together in such a way would suggest he's a bot.

Dec 28, 12 7:33 am  · 

Can someone who has the real information about the architectural NGOs in India reply?

Dec 31, 12 1:18 am  · 

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