I lost my job! How did that happen?


No, seriously. WTF just happened (again)?

Dec 18, 12 3:32 am

more details.. how? when? why? where? who?

Dec 18, 12 3:34 am

So first thing tell your friends family and ask them for leads.

Second if you lost your job for lack of work or clashing of personalities get your IDP experience verified ask someone to sign off on it as your supervisor don’t give up the experience you earned.

But if it was a lack of work or a layoff this is not as bad as a termination for some reason or cause. Either way, don’t poison yourself pondering what happened.

You need to get busy, keep the same schedule as you had at work go to the library to use the internet.

You need to network set up some folders on your computer or in paper format, put the names of everyone you know and sort them into three categories

1 leads for jobs

2 people who can or will help me

3 influential people in the market you want to work in (professors, AIA chapter leaders, clients etcetera.


Your goal is to spend 40 hours each week job hunting. Get the book linked to below, I waited too long to start networking and this is the time a lot of firms chose to bring on new workers because of the spring construction deadlines.


I am totally serious about the book, It works it is what got me the position that I landed recently.


Find others in your area and form a job club even if it is just two folks you have a much better chance if you are working as a team.


Email me directly if you need help and want to discuss this in confidence.


Also who cares how you lost the job this happens and no one needs to dwell on it, the important thing is to move on.


Over and OUT

Peter N

Dec 18, 12 12:25 pm

Hey, dont feel bad, happens to the best of 'em. in fact at one point in my career i was hired & fired in 3weeks!! i felt the same way like wtf just happen!! i was totally blind sided w/ that one. my new sup. told me i was working out well and they were glad to have me aboard. then the next day mid-morning i was told the contrary, and to clear out my desk immediately.

i agree w/ Peter N., don't take it personal, just move on to the next big thing. don't waste your time trying to figure out why. also as stated, keep your work routine. one thing i did while lQQking for the next gig was to practice my revit skills, go thru a few of the emerging professional hours, revamp my resume, & strongly began to organize my strategy for studying the A.R.E.

"if the door of opportunity doesn't come knocking, Hell, you're an architect design and build one gosh darn it!!!

Dec 18, 12 9:09 pm

do you want mine?

Dec 18, 12 9:32 pm

I don't want to give away all the details, but fuck it, it's not like I can use it as a reference, right?  Anyway, I moved half-way across the country for this gig, and after ONE WEEK was told that it wasn't working out and they couldn't afford to pay me what we'd agreed to.  I moved without my fiancee to a new city, two weeks before Christmas, and I wasn't even given the chance to prove myself at all. Let go one week before Christmas, when the office is shutting down at the end of the week anyway.

I've already been offered work back home - it's not like I'm a chump by any means. I'm just happy that this happened before my fiancee moved out here and we signed a lease on an apartment. It's been an expensive, stressful lesson, but in the end I know it's for the best.

Dec 19, 12 2:06 am

ouch!  i don't know what's worse... not finding a job for years after graduation or being let go within a week :/

what firm was it anyway? xD  we just want to be cautious before we move halfway across the country too

Dec 19, 12 5:37 am

that sucks.  They probably hired you with the hopes of getting a project that fell through? 

Dec 19, 12 9:56 am

time to drop a dime on those douches. fuck em, it's christmas.

Dec 19, 12 9:10 pm

i could be wrong, but isn't there some sort of employment law regarding moving and getting let go too soon?  somebody talk to HR, i thought i'd heard about this kind of thing before.

Dec 19, 12 9:20 pm

Try finding jobs overseas as well... Asia, i dont know too much about. But find firms in Peru, Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, etc. The construction market is in a mini boom that will last several more years while experience in the united states or europe is very valued. Give it a try... I have been working in Ecuador for two years now and we cant handle the amount of work coming. 

Dec 19, 12 10:14 pm

Adrian Smith Gordon Gill is known for doing that before Xmas.......any chance you fell for their trap?

I know they just laid off 20 or so people last week!

Dec 19, 12 10:47 pm

It wasn't ASGG. And yes, a project fell through but that was a peripheral issue. I hate being vague but one of my weaknesses is not being diplomatic, which I'm working on. I'll certainly be more cautious about moving for work in the future!

Dec 21, 12 4:43 am

If you want to talk about Christmas layoffs, AECOM is king of Christmas layoffs!  They did it to me after I had been with them for 4 years.  But those clowns were such unprofessional buffoons about it that they told the entire office that I had been laid off except for me.  That had gone on for two weeks before they finally broke the news to me the day before everyone was to go on Christmas break.  I was basiclaly walking around that office for two weeks dead in the water (100% billable mind you), and it only occured to me after the fact, of why coworkers were giving me surprised looks when they saw me in the office.  Pretty insulting.

I asked them what the meaning of all that was - you know it being Christmas and all - and they gave me the whole "ohhhh well know, there is never an ideal time to let people go" bullshit routine but then as they had me on speaker phone with an equally incompetent redneck HR person from the headquarters in LA she said the same thing and also made this ridiculous assumptions that I was not a Christian (they thought I was Jewish as she went on to say that I can still celebrate Yom Kippur my family), and I said "there is also a bullshit time to let people go and before Christmas take the cake."

I heard some time later there was a fallout for the whole thing and they canned some of the people for handling my situation in such an appalling way.

Mar 15, 13 10:40 am

they thought I was Jewish as she went on to say that I can still celebrate Yom Kippur my family  ?????????????

wow, that sounds fucked up.  maybe it's just the way it's presented in this dialogue without surrounding context or something, but this just shouldn't be part of the discussion.

Mar 15, 13 11:03 am

She said that as if she just knew straight up I was Jewish.  This is pretty much what she said:

"Well we know that there is never a good time to let people go and around the holiday season is a diffucult business decision but you can only imagine the state of our company - i mean all of us are affraid to lose our jobs!  We also try to time these things, wisely and cater to each person's personal needs.  We figured since Yom Kippur is around the corner we we would make this business decision now so that that you can spend time with your loved ones at that point."

Keep in mind this HR lady was probably younger than me.  My name sounds foreign but anyone with two brain cells would know that it is nowhere close to sounding Jewish.  I corrected her immediately telling her I was Christian and not Jewish and then like bumbling-stumbling redneck went onto say how many people she knows who are Jewish who had my same name to cover her ass.  My boss was sitting in the room while I was getting laid off even tried to make her shut the fuck up but she went on anyway.

Oh don't get me wrong, I made many phone calls after that.  the woman no longer has her job.  Not sure whether its because of that embarrassing incident or not but she isn;t there anymore and so isn't the dipshit who laid me off and told the entire office except for me.  keep in mind AECOM is a hire and fire organization and it doesn;t matter how billable you are, when you are publically traded you have to satisfy the investors.  When inverstors aren;t satisfied, lay a bunch of people off so that the stock might gain a fraction of a percent.  piece of cake.

Mar 15, 13 12:06 pm

I'd have sued their ass for making racist comments. Then sit and enjoy the music.

Mar 15, 13 1:44 pm

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Mar 18, 13 7:04 pm

Golly - this is starting to sound like a commercial plug for - hmmm, troll maybe?

Mar 20, 13 9:06 am

Probably. They even patiently waited two days between each plug so it doesn't seem too obvious. *slow clap*

Mar 20, 13 11:05 am

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