Job Titles to Stay Away From


My all time favorite title (and if you don't understand this already: I am being Sarcastic ahem...): "Job Captain" I think this is one of the biggest indicators that the firm is doing some sort of repetitive mass production and needs a Factory-like supervisor to check on everything that is being rolled out super fast. In this economy, I can't imagine any firm that is producing some amaing projects to need a Job Captain other than Big Box Retail firms- Yuck! Thoughts?

Dec 14, 12 5:41 pm

If I were a Job Captain, I would make people salute me...because, after all....I'd be a captain!

Dec 14, 12 6:43 pm

I hate to break the bad news, but much of architectural practice involves production: of models, of drawings, of construction specfications and other deliverables.  Such products are commissioned by a (hopefully) paying client, for the purposes of 1) securing entitlements by public agencies, and 2) construction to some decent standard by a contracting team.

The title "job captain" may not sit well because of some mental association with "factory," and that's fine.  But it's also just silly.  Basic concepts useful for industrial production, such as efficiency and economies-of-scale, are equally at home in the architecture office... even the ones you might deem as "creative."

Dec 14, 12 7:12 pm

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