Don't Bother Earning These Five Degrees


This "study" is of dubious credibility.  I'd be the first one to tell a high school kid today NOT to go into architecture as a profession, but to lump an architecture degree in with religious or ethnic studies on the uselessness scale is a gross overstatement.  The dire condition of the profession today has a lot to do with the horrible economy.  If and when things improve, there will be more job openings for architects, although maybe not enough to soak up the oversupply.  In addition, architecture does lay a good foundation for a possible career in construction or real estate related areas.

Dec 13, 12 11:41 am
wurdan freo

I would argue that it does not lay a good foundation for a career in construction or real estate related areas. Both of those fields require a solid understanding of the costs of construction and real estate, subjects which are typically glossed over by Architectural Programs in my experience.

Dec 13, 12 12:10 pm

Yes because a business degree is so valuable today...

Dec 13, 12 12:29 pm

What's particularly dumb about that report is that they are referring to undergrad, bachelor degrees.  Those are not nearly as limiting or focused as professional degrees.

An ambitious, talented young person can take a bachelor's degree in just about anything, combine it with their other interests & pursuits and then leverage that into any number of potential scenarios (whether postgrad education, professional work, volunteer/charity, etc)


Dec 13, 12 12:48 pm

I read the title as John Boehner Eating These Five Decrees


then I realized I was mostly just hoping for one of those non-architecture-related political threads where everyone tries to out-stupid each other.

Dec 13, 12 3:05 pm

So philosophy is equated with finding the meaning of life, and anthropology is equated with "digging for the truth?" I can't believe that someone could be that uninformed. I wish I hadn't read that article, because now I need to go wash my eyes out.

Dec 13, 12 10:57 pm

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