Architectural steel/metal work


As I get more and more experience working as an intern toward my license, there's a part of me that misses designing and making small-scale items (I also have a degree and experience in product design).  It wasn't that long ago that I was fabricating steel and aluminum parts by hand - welding, breaking, shaping, etc.

With that in mind, who's doing good metal work these days? I figure I should know who's out there before I seriously consider embarking on this side project. Tom Kundig is a big inspiration (of course) but there's got to be others. If you've worked with a fabricator before, what did you like/dislike?  What did they bring to the table (or not)?  I have some experience in the field locally, but a few tiny side projects do not a professional make.... Also, I'm not looking to do structural work per se...


Dec 11, 12 3:22 am

Dec 11, 12 7:18 am

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