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Not sure if this has been raised before.....but is there any reason architecture can't be offered/learned in an on-line or on-line/intense mode of study? I understand the design component is collaborative and requires that approach but surely this could be completed intensively and the remaining subjects completed off campus?

Dec 10, 12 11:11 pm

ok this sounds real knowedge

Dec 11, 12 1:00 am

I think Architecture is not that easy that it can be taught online. It needs to be in practical activities.

Dec 11, 12 2:33 am

I have always thought it would be nice if we could have a sort of online learning/forum, where we take on our own projects or one decided upon as a group, give each other crits etc, help each other develop them and learn along the way.

Regarding e-learning, it can certainly be offered online although some benefits of real studio learning cannot be replaced.  I know there were a lot of students in my undergrad who chose to work at home and only showed up to studio for their desk critiques or worked in school during studio days with the profs and faculty around.  A lot of learning, research, design work can be learnt on your own at home.  The only downside is that you can't see your classmates work, get inspired, find new ideas, get quick crits etc.  Personally, I prefered working at home as I didn't need all the distractions in studio.  However, architecture is highly collaborative and aside from the competitive nature of studio, I always felt it was more about helping each other learn new things.  One can only learn so much at home as we tend to be biased on what areas we look into.  Besides those, we definitely miss out on standing in front of a panel during review day, presenting and trying to convince them of our work.

Dec 11, 12 3:16 am
I ponder the question, because ive been trying to find a program that offers this style of learning. I've had a career which pays more than good money, but the old adage "I want to be more passionate about my work". A long with a career, I have a family and young kids so I was trying to maintain the best of all worlds, but alas no such program exists atleast not in Australia.
Dec 11, 12 4:07 am
I ponder the question, because ive been trying to find a program that offers this style of learning. I've had a career which pays more than good money, but the old adage "I want to be more passionate about my work". A long with a career, I have a family and young kids so I was trying to maintain the best of all worlds, but alas no such program exists atleast not in Australia.
Dec 11, 12 4:08 am
The only closely associated program that I have found is an Undergrad - Bach Building Design from CQU. It's not my first choice but....
Dec 11, 12 4:11 am

ah you wanted an entire degree through online learning..  I don't know of any, although there might be some Masters program that can be obtained online.  I remember a friend obtaining his from a British school (university of Bath?) although he never left the States.  It might be a program focused on construction management or so. 

Dec 11, 12 5:01 am
I'd happily travel to campus for design and studio, but none of the universities offer any of the remainder of their programs off campus. I have an undergrad and a masters in the criminology fields, so I'm confident that I can complete the course, I'd just like some flexibility....
Dec 11, 12 5:08 am

There are a few programs out there that offer online learning. I went to Lawrence Technological University in Southfield, MI. I did the entire M.Arch program online. I worked at a firm full-time while I did the program, so it was great to have the flexibility. The studios were completely online except for a mid-semester crit and final crit. Even those weren't technically required, but strongly reccommended. The studio sessions were extremely interactive and on point. We had a video chatting software to post material for a weekly crit and 1-1 sessions with the prof. I am from Canada, we had people from Texas, Illinois, Washington and Michigan in my studio.

I had my doubts about "online learning" especially in this field, however I was pleasantly surprised. I would reccommend it as a great way of learning.

Dec 11, 12 11:20 am

Academy of Art University offers an online M.Arch program that is NAAB-certified. Obviously you must have a bachelor's degree, but it doesn't have to be a B.Arch.

There are two tracks:

1. A 63 credit hour program for students who do possess a B.Arch; and

2. An 87 credit hour program for students who possess a bachelor's in any subject.

From talking to the academic advisors there, a portfolio is required and acceptance is quite competitive. I'm currently in the process of decided whether to enroll in their 87 credit hour program after completing my bachelor's or enrolling in the University of Denver's Masters in Real Estate and Construction Management (which isn't an architecture degree, so sadly I wouldn't be designing, but it is more in line with what I do now)... We'll see.

Here is the link to Academy of Art University's M.Arch program website:

Hope it helps...

Dec 11, 12 3:33 pm

MIT offers material from architecture courses both grad and undergrad online through OpenCourseWare, but this won't lead to credits or a degree:

Dec 11, 12 3:53 pm
Thank you all for your input. I'm Definately going to check out the institutions you nominated. I appreciate the advice.
Dec 11, 12 6:04 pm
Lian Chikako Chang

also this:

Dec 11, 12 8:48 pm
Sergo Antadze

BAC (Boston Architectural College) offers NAAB accredited Masters program

New School of Architecture in San Diego offers Masters in project management it is not NAAB accredited but seems  interesting

Lawrence Tech also offers NAAB Accredited program 

Dec 12, 12 3:00 am

Bennji: does the online degree from Lawrence Technological University allow you to eventually get your architectural license in Canada?  Ontario?

Dec 12, 12 5:49 am

I actually checked into the program at BAC as well and found that it is for students with an architectural background (i.e. B.Arch and/or experience). It also requires some in-residence attendance as well. Seems like a good program though if you can meet the requirements and travel for the in-residence portions...

Dec 12, 12 7:51 am

@ Access

Yes. Any school in North American that has accredited architecture degree program (which you need for a licence)  is transferable in both countries.  NAAB and the CACB have an agreement and carry the same standards.

Dec 12, 12 9:09 am

wheres the picture of the fat kid sitting at the computer. i want to make that my profile pic. 

Dec 14, 12 5:14 pm

Nice Thought, but the discipline that goes with studio practice and working under pressure with a tight time frame might be impossible to achieve through e-learning. (for freshmen) but for people with basic knowledge through a Dip. B.Sc, BArc  can easily be considered for e-learning programs.

Dec 31, 12 1:17 am

I prefer, and recommend everyone to go with the traditional method of learning i.e. going to colleges to obtain a professional degree in architecture rather than e-learning of architecture. Because, students needs to do a lot of practical activities to develop into an efficient architect, which is not possible in case of e-learning architecture programs.

Mar 19, 13 8:58 am

haven't read the whole thread here but I believe that Lawrence Tech offers the only fully online M. Arch program in the U.S.

Mar 19, 13 12:25 pm

I'm curious... because I am working with a fellow now that is taking an online degree... and I feel like he is paying out his ears, and getting very little (even though he is a seemingly  dedicated student).  There is just so much missing from an online (first) architectural degree... the studio time, the shop work, interaction/crits/ pressure to produce (gentle competition). LIBRARIES and RESOURCES seem to be lacking.  I also worry that the people that choose this type of degree are (as a whole) not as driven... many people succeed in working full time and attending architecture school- Shouldn't there be sacrifices for great education, whether sleep, or relocation?  

Apr 13, 13 12:33 am

And by 'first', I meant 3 year masters.

Apr 13, 13 12:34 am

No Master is a recent Blog on Archinect addressing this consern for online learning. It's objective is to get enough architects banded together to study online and independently. 

Take a look at it.

Apr 13, 13 7:48 pm

I wonder if there is a masters in Construction Management degree online for B.arch degree holders. 

Apr 18, 13 3:37 pm
Ok, I thought I'd update my status since pondering the original question. I'm into 2nd semester at CQU Building Design. Really enjoying it- challenging but enjoyable. Not sure it's as intensive for the design component as Architecture but I think more practical. Masters coming from the University.
Jul 6, 13 10:22 pm
I will say it forces you to engage with professionals from the industry which is great if like me your not in the industry.
Jul 6, 13 10:23 pm

Take a look at this program for example. It's blended.

Jul 20, 13 8:54 am

I think online learning in architecture is not difficult. There are different good reputed online universities that offer degrees in architecture and a notable quantity of students is enrolled in it. They don't face any problem while studying architecture online.

Nov 5, 13 5:59 am

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