Stone/brick collage in masonry walls


Its not the easiest thing to google, so I thought I'd have a go at the archinect community.

I see walls like this all the time and I think they are quite beautiful. This snap is from Paris, and its a pretty 'organized' example. I've seen blind walls like this in North America too, usually with a more haphazard mix of brick and stone.

My guesses are that its a characteristic of buildings of a certain era, and its simply a mixture of what materials they had available. Obviously the rest of the building features a 'finished' facade, and the end bits where meant to be covered by whatever grew up next to it.

Anybody with any information/speculation?

Dec 10, 12 11:16 am

What are you asking? How this happens?


The end walls are the result of the removal of a building next door, using an interior masonry wall as the new exterior wall, and the owner then filling in the rest of the masonry wall with newer brick where the circulation paths and other interior apertures were.

Dec 10, 12 4:58 pm

The shape of the brick areas look almost like they might have something to do with where fireplaces are or were.

Dec 10, 12 8:39 pm

looks more like a one-off treatment, experiment or project by an artistic brick layer than a style of a certain era. 

Dec 10, 12 9:51 pm

Thanks Nicholas!

That would make sense with John's comment about the fireplaces too. Now I want to go back and check out the others I've seen recently to see what secrets they reveal about past neighbours.

Dec 10, 12 11:08 pm

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