Getting License and then Grad School


Will getting your license and getting a LEED AP+ credential influence your ability to go to graduate school? I got really good grades in my undergraduate design studios but not so much in some of my technical classes. Will getting the above credentials compensate for that? I know about how having a good portfolio is important, but I am more worries about having crappy grades in classes like Building Systems and physics.

Dec 10, 12 10:23 am

you should not be more worried about those than your portfolio. those classes don't matter, as long as you passed them and your GPA is respectable.

Dec 10, 12 11:44 am
wurdan freo

Why the hell would you want to go to grad school if you have your license? Two degrees in architecture is a waste of time and money. Get a master's in Real estate development, engineering, construction management or business if you feel the need for further education. 

And while technical classes may not be important to get into a master's program, it is that mentality that is producing worthless architectural graduates that are unable to contribute at any meaningful level other than picking up redlines. 

Dec 10, 12 2:12 pm

is your bacholers a professional degree? if it is... the hell with masters degree! me personally I believe the pre-professional architectural degree is a scam. it requires you to do a 2 year program of more of the same bullshit. 

Dec 10, 12 3:54 pm

I like architectural theory and research and may want to teach. I have a 5-year professional degree. I would be curious to see your work. Perhaps your closed mindedness has turned you into one of those pro-developer like people who although have helped realize projects have made no significant contribution onward the advancement f the profession or field. Nd I look down on people like that. Thanks for the feedback though. I now know who to stay away from on this forum.

Dec 10, 12 5:19 pm

Just display more of that arrogant attitude, and you'll be a shoe-in for whatever grad school you want.

Dec 10, 12 6:17 pm

some people like all the theory.  but then again those people usually don't permanently leave the school setting either.  a masters degree in something else would be better than an m.arch though if thats the case.  OR, if you you could just save money and not indenture yourself to loans for another bullet point on a resume that you don't need.

Dec 10, 12 8:40 pm
wurdan freo

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