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Hello, I've been torn up about the lack of available information about the education choices of a prospecting architect.  There are at least three possibilities as I see it:

A. B.S. in architecture

B.Bachelor of Arts in architecture (i.e. architectural history/influence ?)

C. Architectural Engineering of which there are 17 or so institutions which teach in the USA.

The benefit of A (B.S. in architecture) is the license to practice as an architect.  I'm hoping some of the structural sciences are taught for the B.S. because I wouldn't want to be completely impotent at the structural side.

Are the structural sciences taught for a B.S. in architecture and where(which institutions) are they taught the most within the B.S. framework?

Dec 7, 12 8:41 pm

All schools that provide a B.S in Architecture have structure courses.  For the program to be accredited, it is one of the requirements I believe.  However, its basic but sufficient for most architecture work.  If you want more advanced structures courses, you should go study civil engineering or so. 

Dec 7, 12 9:18 pm

Don't get a bs education. It's bad already. 

Dec 7, 12 9:40 pm

I think you're kind of far off here. B.S is not an accredited degree and you likely won't be able to sit for the ARE. B.ARCH is the degree you may be thinking of. B.S. in arch is the first 4 years of a 4 + 2 program. The next 2 years is for the masters. The B.ARCH is a 5 year program. These 2 paths are accredited by NAAB so they are supposed include whatever structure thing you're thinking about.

Dec 7, 12 10:35 pm

Okay, thanks, that's very helpful, actually, to the last two. 

Dec 7, 12 11:16 pm

you can't get a license with any of those... need to find a b.arch program or plan on doing a masters degree.

the way i see it is if you're interested in...

technical:  architectural engineering.

tech/theory:  bs arch 

theory:  ba arch

Dec 7, 12 11:56 pm

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