Are any architecture schools insisting on solely drawing by hand still?


Or have they all moved on to accepting CAD as the new status quo? Specific names would be great! Thank you!

Dec 7, 12 1:32 am

University of Manitoba in Winnipeg was/is very focused on drawing. I wouldn't say that cad, 3d modelling, or digital production in general are necessarily looked down upon, just that they're not really taught as a part of the curriculum, and that alternative modes of architectural representation are encouraged. Lots of student work combines hand-drawn, physical-models, mixed-media, collage, montage.


In the States, I'd say that perhaps Cooper Union is the most similar.

Dec 7, 12 7:11 am

Notre Dame

Dec 7, 12 9:29 am

i'm so glad that someone mentioned u of manitoba here.. 

it's a great architecture school, it pays lots of emphasis on drawings and hand-making..

i guess the reason that people seldom hear about the school is simply the location.. small city, the coldest in Canada, not many people want to go there..

Mar 21, 13 1:30 pm

I am sure a vast number of schools, hand drawing is the regular for the earlier studio's. Though I know at a lot of school's rhino is now taught in the first semester, but I am from the group that believes the quicker you transition the student to digital tools the better.

Mar 21, 13 2:50 pm

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