Please help me with construction details


Anyone knw the construction details of a round flat roof? the roof frame structure? what kind of layering should be inside the roof? thank u for ur helpful advice.

Dec 4, 12 11:30 pm

can you post a picture of 'round flat roof'?  I'm confused how a roof can be flat and round at the same time :/

Dec 5, 12 12:52 am

i see a dot ... like literally .... a dot

Dec 5, 12 6:15 am

same here, accesskb. i'm guessing dogleas may be looking to structure a circular plane. from the previous post, maybe with a hole (skylight) in the middle.

unless you want something exotic, doglease, like a tension ring or concrete planks, you can do a circular plane with bar joists and a metal deck just the same way you would do if it was a rectangle.

is that what you're going for?  

Dec 5, 12 6:52 am

actually, i just went to this link:

...and it doesn't look to me like this is actually a flat roof. i think it may be just a tight shot of the top of a domed structure. BUT, it's possible what you're looking for is a compression ring-type structure which you could do in either steel or concrete, i think. 

google 'compression ring structure' and see if it looks like the right direction. 

Dec 5, 12 6:58 am

Steven Ward,exactly,a circular plane roof frame is what im looking for...sory for the bad link guys...

Dec 5, 12 7:32 am

What diameter (approximately), are you looking for? What material? What is the construction of the rest of the building/structure? 

Dec 5, 12 11:17 am

I would be happy to help.


Please send desired final dimensions, general construction method description, climate information, site plans, and compensation and I will be happy to whip those details up for you tonight.

Dec 5, 12 7:48 pm

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