to become a practising computational design architect is it advisable to do msc apllied maths???


hello friends,i m applying for march 1,i m intrested in  application of computational design  in before applying for march 1 ,i m thinking of doing  masters in applied maths,will this help me   do  masters in computational design in  future??also can this masters degree help me to get in to good architecture school????expecting reply for both these queries  from practicing architects,proffesor,students etc.

Nov 30, 12 9:52 am

Looks like your a numbers kind of  warned you must be able to communicate those numbers to breathing people.  Think that is something you might want to work on if you pursue your course of thought.  When I was in school I was friends with a Masters Student who was from Mexico and he was into observatories.  This involved a great deal of math which he had full understanding.  He gave a talk about the Mayan observatories which left my jay on the ground, most of it based upon the understanding of math. If you can be as elegant as he was then I'm sure you have a good future.  This is coming from someone who has an elementary understanding of math and is always in the hands of structural engineers when it comes to deciding what  I need  to do what I want out of a structural member.

Dec 1, 12 7:22 pm

it is not strictly necessary, kadamabhay. i think it lays some fine groundwork to begin learning programming, scripting, etc, but it is not the most direct route to computational design.

Dec 2, 12 1:02 pm

i think your time might be better spent studying something that relates directly .. so do more research on what math you'll be studying.  Its useless spending years studying nuclear math if most of it will probably never be used in architecture... 

Dec 2, 12 3:49 pm

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