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Hi everyone!

Applying to architecture grad schools this year. limited myself to 3 targets - Columbia (MSAAD), MIT (SMArchS), and Harvard GSD (MArch II). And lately have been on a fence regarding GSD. today i officially decided that I'll be applying to UCLA instead of it. and I'd just like to hear some opinions, particularly from students or alumni of either of the 4 schools mentioned:

I'm interested in highly technological theoretical applications in architecture like modular robotics, or interactive environments, or fabrication. My primary right now is MIT's SMArchS in Design and Computation.

Columbia is second. Based on what I saw during their grad show, they're pretty cross-spectrum in terms of curriculum - one of my friends graduated from it with an installation about bubbles, for example. o_0.

My considering Harvard for the most part was simply because I know it's a good architecture program. Albeit it's pretty expensive and i heard it has a stigma of training corporate leaders, rather than pioneers, so it seems more profit- than research-driven in the long run for the student. Harvard offers excellent connections, but to me personally with my theoretical interests I think MIT or Columbia are a better pick. 

Now, meanwhile UCLA is appealing on a lot of fronts: for starters Greg Lynn is teaching SupraStudio this year. I'm also a resident of California, which makes my tuition nearly a third of something I'd pay at Harvard. It's also a pretty excellent program for its age I heard, and kind of research biased, which I find to be a good thing.

So in a nutshell, I'm thinking of applying to UCLA instead of Harvard, then MIT and Columbia. what do you guys think of this decision? 

If anyone has anything to say about my selection, please chime in. I really appreciate any feedback! 

Many Thanks!

Nov 30, 12 3:09 am

Hi 12voltporcupine!


Which program did you get admitted to finally?? This year I'm applying to those programs as well! I'd like to know how it is going for you wherever you got into!

Feb 10, 14 6:12 pm

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