Who can describe me the architectural characteristics of La Sagrada Familia?


I need an answer as soon as possible. Or if you know a website where I can find them because I have read a lot of books and they just talk about the story of the church.

Nov 28, 12 11:26 am

it's pointy and a bit gaudi.  apparently the architect intended folding chairs to go where pews ought to go.  perhaps it would be more architectural to say this is an early precursor to blobitecture.  arts and crafts meets cubism taken to a whole new level.

Nov 28, 12 11:41 am


Nov 28, 12 11:50 am

What about the material? What it happens is that I need this for an essay

Nov 28, 12 12:03 pm


Nov 28, 12 12:30 pm

hmmmm.   i believe this link may provide a bit more insight into contemporary architecture.

it's a you-tube link, so if you don't want to sit thought a you-tube maybe don't click it ;)

Nov 28, 12 1:02 pm
boy in a well

Well, what kind of grade do you want? What kind of grades does your prof give for an essay? Letters? Numbers? Checks?

Should we aim here for a higher or lower grade?

Do you mind if i smoke this joint first?

!!!!!!!!  I see houses melting and bones  !!!!!!

Nov 28, 12 5:21 pm

i think you can easily identify similarities to organic structures in the SF's details, and alot of gaudi's work

Nov 28, 12 8:11 pm


Nov 28, 12 8:26 pm

The sagrada familia is amazing. I remember when i first saw it on a video in a history of architecture class, i saw the building and only heard the architect's name antoni gaudi . I never forgot from that day because I was so taken by the use of statues and craftsmanship of the design i was just stunned.

Nov 29, 12 3:40 pm

1: parabolic arches. 

2: bones. 

3: barnacles.

4. drip sand castle. 

Nov 29, 12 5:20 pm




it's a work of art i need to read the other comments this is just terrible

Nov 29, 12 5:34 pm
a mouse


Nov 29, 12 5:35 pm

apium graveolens (celery) grows in a slender, vertical form, which is reinforced by its striated membranes and mimics the fluted columns at sagrada familia's nave.  several stalks grow together, reaching toward the sky much like the grouping of towers at sagrada familia's west front.  celery's leafy tops form a decorative finial similar to the triumphant work of art that is sagrada familia.


Nov 29, 12 6:12 pm

Now thats more a like it


Nov 29, 12 6:15 pm

Well, my professor is an architecture historian. So I think that he wants something really good about describing this buildings. He also want us to read two critical opinions by important architecture historians or critics. 

Nov 30, 12 11:22 pm

so what have you come up with?  or are you waiting for us to give you '... something really good'?


Dec 1, 12 1:11 am

Oh, so he wants something really good? Get on it, guys.

Dec 2, 12 8:51 pm

i think you missed bones washingtonian.  that's the essay.  especially from an historic perspective.

you should be able to site both FRaC and I as sources for important critics.  we both agree on bones, and we don't agree on much so that's saying a lot.

Dec 2, 12 9:05 pm

I just a question. What books do you recommend about la Sagrada Familia that has critiques about the building?

Dec 2, 12 10:45 pm

who reads books anymore?

start here:

Dec 3, 12 12:31 am

Yeah. Sure. I just wanted a clear and mature opinion, but I see that you do not care about it. Thank you anyway. 

Dec 3, 12 12:35 am

Celery (the fifth doctor sucked.  the fourth had that scarf...)

Dec 3, 12 9:41 am


It's difficult to get any good opinion, since you said you were doing it to do your "homework." We could have gotten into more in depth opinion from just "bones," but obviously you don't have time to cook it to go something deep. Sorry, it's just how it is here (or anywhere other than school); not everyone wants to give you any good opinion or knowledge, since we all know that it will be used in someone else's paper.

I was there two weeks ago at the church; it's really difficult building to criticize; it's one of a kind project... no deadline, unlimited budget, freedom to do whatever he wanted to do... and so old I don't even know which code it should follow (I am sure they don't care at this point). I would just summarize what you've read so far... one of a kind, his own modern (well, at his time) interpretation of Gothic style... Differences between the east and the west facades are night and day (at least to me). Good luck with your paper.

Dec 3, 12 11:18 am

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