What is your current debt/amount still owed from university loans?


Due, actually my loans limit me to working in LA, SF, or NY. I tried to take a job back up in Seattle, and couldn't because they offered 25% less than I make in LA. Their argument was lower cost of living, but my loans don't scale down that way. So I have to work somewhere that pays pretty well and just try to live cheaper than average to cover those payments.

Dec 12, 12 9:10 pm

never thought of it like that.  guess its different for everyone... at least you get to live in a city!

Dec 12, 12 10:43 pm

no student loans here, and quite possibly the most secretly hated person of all my arch friends because of it,

i went to a fairly cheap school (~$6000) a year tuition

and for 5 years my mother paid this in cash, and she reminds me every day about it

and my family tells me every time i see them how much i "owe" her even though she does not expect me to pay it back.

there are times when i fought with her and told her i needed to get a loan to lesson her burden she always said.. if you dont NEED a loan dont take it.. you will thank me in the long run, when you are out "and those companies start tapping on your shoulder before you've even made your first real paycheck"

so through all the struggle and grief i get from my family and friends.. i appreciate my mother for allowing me to be without this debt

and for that i thought the least i could do for her was to get a job.. no matter what it took in my field.. and maker her feel like she hadnt wasted all that money...

so far so good...

hopefully i am able to do the same for my kids...

although my then im sure a cheap school with be like (40,000 a year)

Dec 12, 12 11:19 pm

On the Fence I would like to ask you some questions regarding military to architect/engineer transition and advice. I am active duty myself ATM and was wondering if you have a email I can contact you. Thx

Dec 20, 12 6:55 pm
I graduated with my BArch in 2008 with 150k in debt....the way I got myself there?....working full-time to support myself still wasn't enough to put me through school. Cost of living in CA is not low by any means!
I was in school for 7 years (changed majors and required additional courses), and financial aid virtually ran out after 4, which I found out AFTER transferring to a private school (translation: expensive).
It didn't help that when I was taking out these loans I had friends graduating getting jobs starting at 60k (I was quite disalusioned when I graduated during an economic decline and could not get a job for a year out of school).
It's all circumstantial. Your location, your timing, your options....
To those in the same ridiculous boat I'm in - Don't worry too much, and do your best to make it work. I pay roughly $900/mo in loans....and sometimes that means I am literally eating canned beans...but there are deferment, forbearance, and second jobs for a reason. It could always be worse, right?!
To those with little to no debt:
Be appreciative of your situation, and try not to judge those of us way in over our heads too harshly. We all faced different circumstances!
Dec 29, 12 10:09 pm

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