What the heck is going in with Pratt?


I wanted to apply to Pratt this year, but they aren't holding their information session until December 1st (seems a little late, doesn't it?) and the application deadline information is from last year.  Nothing has been updated on the site, no one answers the phone... what's going on?  Anyone applying this year?  They've been completely unresponsive for me..

Nov 26, 12 12:21 pm

I emailed about the Dec. 1 info session to see if it covers the post-professional M. Arch program too and got an email back within 20 minutes. Their deadline for that program is Jan 5 but the website recommends submitting earlier. I started the application but haven't submitted it yet.

Here's some more info:


Hope that helps.

Nov 26, 12 1:43 pm

Pratt is whack, yo!

Nov 26, 12 3:54 pm

Well their website right now certainly is. Can't even access my application.

Nov 26, 12 8:55 pm

I mean, it's a good school from what I know about it, but the lack of interest in prospective students and the shape that their website is in kinda makes you wonder what's going on over there.  I'm not sure I even want to apply anymore.


Thanks for the info, Rob.  Okay, I see the January 5th deadline there but when you go to the application requirements through the main webpage, it shows last year's information for some reason.  

Nov 27, 12 12:42 pm

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