Architecture student joins Hollywood industry?



I heard every year there are some students from West coast arch school joining Hollywood industry for film scene production. I am wondering is it true? for those who really switch their profession, do you know if they are earning more than being architect?

PS, this is part of a survey for my thesis, thanks

Nov 24, 12 10:05 pm

it is. they are probably making more $$$ depending on how much they are working. it is extremely difficult to get a job in the industry however

Nov 25, 12 1:52 am

If there's one industry that has been hit harder by the financial downturn than architecture & construction, it's film.

Nov 26, 12 1:42 pm

They have been hit by financial crisis but they still lead when it comes to incomes. 

Nov 29, 12 7:35 am

If you can find a paying gig in hollywood, it might pay better than architecture (this is highly debateable, but let's just run with the assumption for the moment). The problem is getting a paying gig in the first place. There aren't many of them in comparison to the number of people seeking them. If you were to plot a Gini coefficient for wealth and income distribution in the movie business, it would look much more like Zimbabwe than Sweden. You've got a few spectacularly well-compensated people at the top, and a huge pool of people who make next to nothing. That's always been how Hollywood works, but it's got much worse in the last four years.

Nov 29, 12 12:47 pm

Try video games - I was an environment 3D artist for Rockstar Games for 11 1/2 years and made twice what I am making in architecture - also the video game industry is recession proof - well almost - the downside is the hours 60-80/week as mandatory hours

Nov 29, 12 1:45 pm

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