How long does ETS take to send GRE scores to schools?


So, I took the GRE today.  I got my estimated score immediately after and was not thrilled.  I'd like to take it again, but you can only do it once per calendar month which means I have to wait until December 1st, at least.  Most applications are due December 14th or 15th.  Would this be enough time for the schools to get the new scores?  Or, if the scores came after the due date, would they even be looked at?


Also, side question:  I've been studying for the GRE for a few months.  I do reasonably well on the practice tests and I've used a variety of books.  But nothing, I mean NOTHING was as difficult as the test today.  It was full of trick questions and I felt completely out of my league.  Did anyone else feel like the practice tests were no match for the actual exam? The quantitative section in particular.

Nov 24, 12 7:37 pm
MR. Obsessive


07/19/2012 AND DELIVERY DATE(REPORT DATE) 07/27/2012

Nov 25, 12 1:02 pm
MR. Obsessive

sorry... i mean... TEST DATE:07/19/2012 and TEST REPORT DATE: 07/27/ 2012

Nov 25, 12 1:04 pm

I seem to recall that mine were sent and received almost immediately. I called to check pretty soon after I took the test and each school had received them; its all electronic now.

Nov 25, 12 1:06 pm

Okay, thanks.  I'll sign up for another and give it a go.


God damn this stupid test.  I know I'm not an idiot, but it certainly makes me feel that way.

Nov 25, 12 4:34 pm

How badly did you do? I only got slightly above mediocre , however the general consensus is that the GREs are the last thing arch schools look at. I hope this is true cause I ain't taking that exam again lol

Nov 25, 12 11:17 pm

My estimated score was 152 for Quantitative and 157 for Verbal.  It's above mediocre, but still way less than I expected to do.  I ran out of time on the Quantitative section and had to speed through and guess at the last minute, which I know had a significant impact on my score.  I'm confident that if I retake it and actually answer each question, I can increase my score.

Nov 26, 12 12:16 pm
Dima Srouji

I hear Yale and GSD filter out applications with GRE scores lower than 160. I hope that's not true.

Dec 1, 12 9:15 pm

Luckily I'm not applying to either of those or I'd be SOL  :p  I know Columbia doesn't accept lower than 150 so I barely scraped by there.  

Dec 5, 12 9:22 pm

Disro- that is not true.. i actually hear that it is not that vital.. but they may use it in comparing between two equal students.

Dec 12, 12 9:45 pm

I hear that the quantative score is more important the verbal

Dec 13, 12 11:44 am

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