Extreme site and conceptual thinking problem


Hi there,

Im in my third year in university and the pressure is high.

We are given a site which is kinda extreme. it's an island, there is a flood danger, this island was a place that experiments were done in order to create an atomic bomb, there is no radioctivity, scrappy metal is left all over the place and labs. few buildings for workers ... This site is important because birds in danger nest there. also on the side there is shingle with strips of grass which been growing there for 2000 years.... its very windy, no trees, only bushes. access with boat.

We have to design a lab that would fit to this site,

my research is about brain and its connections so I kinda thinking about the looking at how the climate change affects the island, also I was advised to guide visitors to certain parts of the island... somehow..'

everytime I try to design something they arent happy, they want a conceptual thinking of me.

I dont understand how it is different from my thinking. maybe the idea is wrong of the building.

Could anyone suggest me something? anything that comes into mind? what could I build there? Would be thankful :)

PS. site is called "Orford Ness"

Nov 21, 12 11:13 pm

I don't understand what brain connections have to do with climate change.

"Very windy" should start to impact your form.

Nov 21, 12 11:45 pm

a lot of people are spooked by having to do the 'conceptual', thinking that it's somehow got to be a profound philosophical proposition. take the pressure off yourself. create a narrative that makes sense to this site, to your proposed program, and - ultimately - to your proposed project. tell a story. 

if the story doesn't make sense because you can't connect the dots between atomic legacy > brain connections > climate change, for instance, you've got some adjustments to make. 

if your decisions aren't arbitrary, if you can answer 'why?', and the narrative holds together without too many wtf moments, you're on to something. 

just tell a good story! 

Nov 22, 12 8:08 am

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