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I was checking out the Beinecke Library at Yale (online) and the translucent marble panels started to intrigue me, they are so cool looking.

So now I want to put some backlit backsplashes in a kitchen remodel that we are doing. Anyone have any ideas on discipating or evacuating the heat caused by the lights?

I have been around tables and countertops that were backlit but having a warm suface caused by heat gain seemed weird and always turned me off from the concept.

Nov 18, 12 12:06 am
won and done williams

Use adequately ventilated LEDs and you should not have a problem with heat gain.

Nov 18, 12 8:42 am

LED with  remote  Driver....but be sure  is the quality of Light you want Kelvin on LED is alot different than the Beinecke Library at Yale.

Nov 18, 12 5:40 pm

i figure at some point someone is going to make a water cooled led heatsink.  they are somewhat common for computers and an led heatsink is essentially the same construction as one for a cpu.  something like this.  if your specific problem is that you can't get air exchanges to cool the stock heatsink, this would move the heat transfer part to a remote location.

Nov 19, 12 9:23 am

I am surprised that marble panels in Beinecke Library at Yale are 1 1/4-inch thick. Seems really thick for marble to allow any translucency. Is it onyx marble? I think at those thicknesses stone needs to be chemically treated/soaked and then waxed multiple time for the transparency to show up... 

Nov 19, 12 11:01 am

It's not the thickness of the marble that allows translucency, it's the intensity of the New Haven sun that makes them glow.


Nov 19, 12 12:30 pm

I thought it was all the  Yale Architecture Students looking for cracks in the marble with their LED flashlights was the reason it glows on the inside.

Nov 19, 12 4:10 pm

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