ratio numbers of elevators per area.



here is a quickie one...

how many elevators would i need for a 12floors, 1800 sq m (5900 sqft) office tower...

anyone know of a chart for this?


Jul 20, 07 10:29 am

cheers? are you in the UK? aren't egress/code requirements different there? You should look it up...

Jul 20, 07 12:25 pm  · 

what cheers is just for uk?

i am not in Uk.
just want to know the rule of thumb

Jul 20, 07 12:27 pm  · 

There are rules of thumb to determine the number of elevators required:
Office buildings:

1. One elevator is required for every 45,000 net usable square feet. The ratio of the number of floors to the number of elevators should be two to one or two and a half to one, depending on the occupancy of the building. The more dense the population, the more elevators needed.
2. The number of elevators in a single group should not exceed eight and no single group should serve more than 16 levels.
3. In buildings of four to eight floors, a separate service elevator should be considered. Over nine floors, a service elevator is virtually required.
4. Upper-floor, special-use areas, such as cafeterias, mail rooms, transfer bridges, etc., can increase the required number of elevator

though some resources say per quantity of people not usable square footage.

Jul 20, 07 12:28 pm  · 

thanks mate

Jul 20, 07 12:39 pm  · 

lol, mate.

i really meant that if you are British the rules might be different, not that Americans (or whatever you are ;) can't say mate.... dude.

Jul 20, 07 12:44 pm  · 

But how do I determine the number of elevators in a Sports Complex with approximately 50000 audiences? 

Jul 25, 16 3:02 am  · 

50,000 audiences of how many people?

Oct 15, 19 12:04 pm  · 
Non Sequitur
Jul 25, 16 7:43 am  · 
null pointer

No such thing as a rule of thumb for elevators in residential.

The number of rooms, the unit mix, the target market, and the floor plate area all factor into the game

Jul 25, 16 8:16 am  · 


here is a quickie one...

how many elevators would i need for a 59 floors, 5000 sq m (53829 sq ft) office tower...

anyone know of a chart for this?(India by law's respected)

Arhan Khan


Feb 20, 17 11:02 am  · 

Zombie thread... But the answer would be a lot, and you'd need express elevators.

While the thread is obviously dead, I want to take a second to recognize that the sport venue question is entertaining. Has anyone ever been in a sports complex that utilized elevators as a primary method of circulation? I have not, and could not imagine it working very well, but I would be entertained if there is an example.

Feb 21, 17 1:17 am  · 

How to calculate the no. of elevators in an office tower of 15 floors,with area of each floor plate is 3200sqm..

what is the formula to calculate the no. of lifts and there capacity.?

Mar 5, 18 4:20 am  · 
Non Sequitur

14 elevators would be normal. You can cut it down to 6 if you have a sign up front limiting only the lazy, fat, and elderly to the elevators. The rest able bodies can use the stairs.

Mar 5, 18 8:59 am  · 

I would decide on the wait time (based on the class of office space) , travel time in the elevator to the office floor and then call up elevator reps and have then calculate it for you often for free. Through a combination of control systems cab dimensions and if you split the elevators to serve groups of floors versus all floors they can give you an idea of the elevator needs.  In the US the common code driven requirements are for an accessible route (wheel chair access) and in some places you need one elevator sized to carry a stretcher that serves all floors. Best practice is to have at-least two elevators so you have service if one is out of commission.

Over and OUT

Peter N

Mar 5, 18 9:19 am  · 

How to calculate the no. of elevators in an office tower of 15 floors,with area of each floor plate is 3200sqm..

Response - at 16.3SM per person the population is 2914. with an average floor height of 3.7M the travel is 51 Meters.

The ideal interval is 28 Seconds (wait time of 22 seconds). with a handling capacity of 13% in a five minute peak. 

you will need 12 elevators to achieve excellent service. I would recommend a high and low bank of 6 cars each.

Apr 20, 18 8:40 am  · 

determine the number of lifts required for a 15 storey commercial building with a floor pitch of 4.5m, clear door width is 1.2m and the doors opens at a speed of 0.6m/s, selected car has a capacity of 15persons with a car speed of 3m/s and quality of service needed-30seconds

Oct 5, 18 6:32 am  · 

I could not get it right no matter how hard I try, can anyone please help me with my calculations,
I have an office building of 60 floors with 1200sqm floor plate area with skylobby at every 15th floor.
Thank you in advance 

Oct 15, 19 1:05 am  · 
Chad Miller

Exterior helicopter lifts.  

Oct 15, 19 9:26 am  · 

Hire a consultant.

Oct 15, 19 4:14 pm  · 

How to calculate the number of Lifts in a Highrise Building? Office Building as well as Residential Building. General Formula required.

May 20, 21 7:47 am  · 

there isn't one. look for examples of similar size/height buildings in the same market and copy that to start.

May 20, 21 9:25 am  · 


May 20, 21 9:53 am  · 
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