What does Chilean Sea Bass Taste Like?


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Jul 18, 07 2:17 pm
Jul 18, 07 2:23 pm

4 fillets Chilean Sea Bass
2 limes
3 cups vegetable broth (no salt)
Dry white wine
Tomato Basic Sauce
1 tablespoon whipping cream
salt and pepper to taste


Clean fillets thoroughly and pat dry. Squeeze lime juice over fish. Pour broth into a large skillet. Bring to simmer then add fish. Cover and let simmer 10-25 minutes, depending on thickness of fish. To test if fish is done, pull meat away with a fork. It should be flaky and tender when done.

Remove fish from pan and keep warm. Deglaze pan with a little white wine. Turn heat to high and then add 1.5 cups of Tomato Basic sauce. Simmer until hot. Stir in dollop of cream and salt and pepper to taste. Pour half of sauce on platter. Place fillets on top. Pour remaining sauce over fish and serve.

This recipe for Chilean Sea Bass serves/makes 4

Jul 18, 07 2:24 pm

you don't eat a whole sea bass...unless you are a polar bear...still a bit of a snafu on his part though.

Jul 18, 07 2:25 pm

i once made a tuna-fish sandwich on rye bread for the then-vice-president al gore.

Jul 18, 07 2:28 pm

pretty stupid thing to do, but I am sure he did not know. I did not know about he sea bass, do you expect him to check the endangered list every time he goes to a restaurant or hires a caterer, do you check that list? Do you check it pimp? Not making excuses but I feel that as usual this is just meant to de-rail other environmental efforts and not as a valid criticism of the ex-vp. In other words, we have bigger fish to fry.

Jul 18, 07 2:28 pm
liberty bell

For chrissake pimpanzee you're fucking anoying and imbecilic in these little rants. Show some intelligence or shut the fuck up.

Jul 18, 07 2:43 pm
liberty bell

Oh, oops, did I hit submit?

Jul 18, 07 2:44 pm

Yes,'ve submitted. I'm not going to try to be something I am not.....I am a chimp, for pete's sake.

Jul 18, 07 3:06 pm
el jeffe

i'm getting really tired of intellectually lazy people who throw rocks at good people who are trying to advocate moving towards sustainable actions. so what is an advocate makes a mistake or otherwise doesn't pass a microscopic and continuous inspection of all aspects of their life?
who does?
should all progress be ground to a halt because nobody is perfect?

Jul 18, 07 3:35 pm
el jeffe

so what IF an ....

Jul 18, 07 3:36 pm

El Jeffe, I do Agree 100% that there is a net positive effect from Gore's "Do as I say, not as I do" Advocacy - no doubt.
While not always leading by example, the influence on others to reduce their collective carbon footprint is a valid improvement - far negating what he personally has produced in his mansion and motorcades, and cross country private jet trips. Overall he has done good things - However, he needs to be more careful...Farm raised catfish would be a start.

Jul 18, 07 4:02 pm
el jeffe

i should point out that i wasn't directing my frustration at you personally (yet); the thought just hit me and i decided to slightly hi-jack your thread.

Jul 18, 07 4:07 pm

oh yeah, because the pollution runoff and genetic drift from fish farming is way better than the pressure on an endangered addition to the cannibalistic feeding practices in most fishfarms....and the addition of artificial colorings to make their flesh just right...not to mention that poorly managed aquaculture operations can place significant pressure on wild fisheries...

but raised catfish is a good start.

FWIW - everyone should carry something like this in their wallet/purse/pocket.

The Audobon's version is just one, and there are many out there...

Jul 18, 07 4:09 pm

Farm Raised Catfish is such a good start, that it is #2 recommended fish second only to Anchovies, according to your Audubon Card......

Jul 18, 07 4:23 pm

some weird juju in the place today ...

Jul 18, 07 4:26 pm

(and by the way, did you know that Chilean Sea Bass is just a rebranding of the Patagonian Toothfish?)

Jul 18, 07 4:28 pm

i said it's a good start...

but the end result is NOT depending on farm raised catfish. (not implying that that was your intention...just going further) aquaculture has shown great promise...along with much unforseen peril along the way.

i was just pointing out that it's not always just a matter of simply choosing one over another...

but you seem to view things in starker tones.

i will absolutely concede that for an individual supposedly as well informed as gore to have served CSB was and is reprehensible.

must be tough to get news up at the top i guess.

Jul 18, 07 4:33 pm

and the reason you never see whole monkfish in the market is that they're so damn ugly nobody will buy they generally sell just the tails.

Jul 18, 07 4:39 pm

I don't eat too many fishes that I wouldn't be comfortable cleaning.

Jul 18, 07 4:41 pm

Well it is sarcastic Wednesday....
I will be the first to admit I feed the forums with some downright evil shit...but that's what they are for, to generate discussion and introspection.
Furthermore, it's tiring to live an environmentally conscious life, only to see the recent surge of the bandwagonesque "Green" industry and talking head representatives. People like Al gore, and his son, are only setting themselves up to be exposed when they dont walk the talk.

Jul 18, 07 4:42 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Man, I love shark!

I'm sorry, I;m going to eat it again as soon as the mercury content is no longer a danger. Come on March!

Jul 18, 07 4:43 pm
Sarah Hamilton

ML, what does Monk fish taste like? I know its big in asia, but they eat all sorts of things over there that may or may not be tasty to an american palette.

Jul 18, 07 4:49 pm

pimpanzee, you wouldn't know evil if it came and bit you in the ass!

don't equate being an instigator with evil. annoying≠evil, no offense.

you're probably as much of a knee-jerk liberal as anyone else 'round here, and you're just playing out your inherent devil's advocate by bringing your so-called downright evil shit. which is cool, you know? we all need that.

but really, what's evil about calling al gore's son a piece of shit fucking loser? nothing. it's kind of funny, sure, but evil? i don't know man...seems like a stretch...

just sayin'. but keep it up...i like the story about the sea bass. i hadn't heard that in my Knee-Jerk Liberal Daily Reader. editor's must be slacking...that or suckling at tipper's teat.

Jul 18, 07 4:51 pm

they call monkfish poor man's lobster because it tastes, well, like lobster. only more mild...a firm fleshed fish with delicious potential.

it's really lean, so you often see it either wrapped in bacon or prosciutto, or served with a rich sauce of one kind or another...

Jul 18, 07 4:58 pm
Sarah Hamilton

I dont like lobster. I wish I did cause I'm a bit into ambience/ombviance (how do you spell that?), and it would make me feel special and sophisticated, but I dont like the taste or the texture. Plus, and I found this out after I tasted and not liked it, so it has no bearing on my descision, Lobster is the cockroach of the sea. They are like right next to each other on the family tree. That just makes it worse.

I don't like shrimp either, but I do like crab. I have only had shrimp that I liked once, and it was tiny, and cooked in this brown brazilan sauce made from a root like potato, but not. It was delicious.

Jul 18, 07 5:05 pm

I just had crawdads for the first time (a few weekends ago). quite a bit of work, but for crap-eatin'critters, they sure are delicious!!!

Jul 18, 07 5:11 pm

yucca? taro? yam?

and don't kid yourself girl...crabs ain't no cleaner then lobsters.

(look here.)

Jul 18, 07 5:12 pm

Sarah, I think it's spelled Ambivalence.

Jul 18, 07 5:16 pm
Sarah Hamilton

PIMP, not the word I was going for, thank you.

And its not a cleanliness thing when I say roach, its an actual lineage thing. They sit at the same table at family reunions sort of thing. Plus, they look like roaches. I guess all crustations are bugs, but roaches creep me out, so they are the worst bugs. I lived in Houston where they have the GIANT black roaches. Shivers just thinking about them.

Jul 18, 07 5:22 pm

somehow cockroches never have worried me much. Oh wait, except when they fly or when I can't seem to crush the damn thing.

Jul 18, 07 5:24 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Tumbles, are you used to the small brown ones, or the big black ones. That makes a difference. Just coming out of the pool after a night swim can be a dangerous feat.

Jul 18, 07 5:26 pm

I think the ones I am familiar with are brown... 1"- 2" size

Jul 18, 07 5:27 pm

i like catfish, as well as lobster, shrimp, crab, and crawfish, although the crawfish are a whole lot of work for not a lot of payoff.

i'm guessing if cockroaches tasted good, i'd eat them too.

as sarah is pregnant, she should probably not eat cockroaches.

Jul 18, 07 5:36 pm
Sarah Hamilton

you dont have to worry. Thats a flavour I will stay away from at all costs.

Jul 18, 07 5:38 pm
Sarah Hamilton

Oh, and tumbles, these are 3-4 inches, and fast as hell.

Jul 18, 07 5:38 pm

Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab is my favorite seafood (maybe any food) ever, but eating it definitely does not make you feel sophisticated...

Anytime eating involves disassembling an entire cooked animal, it has to be good!

Jul 18, 07 5:48 pm
Sarah Hamilton

maryland crap is the only crab Ive ever had.

Jul 18, 07 5:49 pm

I didn't know Sea Bass was endagered. I love Sea Bass (to eat, that is). But I guess I'll think twice next time. Anyway, they're expensive.

Nothing beats a good dolphin steak, though.

Jul 18, 07 5:59 pm

as long as no tuna are harmed in the acquiring of said dolphin steak...

Jul 18, 07 6:01 pm

no, but harpooning the whales out of the way is a nuisance ;-)

Jul 18, 07 6:02 pm

Jul 18, 07 6:02 pm
"Man, I love shark!"

I'm gonna forget you said that Sarah, i've been advocating for sharks since i was old enough to walk.

When i was a young kid (about 5), we went to a seafood restaurant somewhere and they were bringing fresh caught sharks in (it was one of those right on the bay deals). Apparently i started crying and yelling about how big an injustice it was they were catching/eating sharks, an endangered species I have always loved. Its actually one of my first memories. I still have to stop myself from blowing up chinese restaurants that sell shark's fin soup.

I was rooting for this guy the first time I saw Jaws, i hope they still win.

Oh, and farm raised salmon is the work of Satan, eat Alaskan or die.

Jul 19, 07 8:03 am

And everyone knows this is the right way to catch a catfish:

Jul 19, 07 8:07 am

chesapeake bay blue crab eatin' is my roots! unfortunately i moved away from va before i was old enough to wash down my hand-picked crab with budweiser like every adult around me.

Jul 19, 07 8:07 am

what does ratatouille taste like?

Jul 19, 07 8:09 am
Sarah Hamilton

Is all shark endangered? I mean, Im not eating hammerhead, or Great white (they're probably tough anyway.) I haven't had it in a while, its hard to find around here.

Jul 19, 07 8:41 am

i don't really eat shark because it's the top of the ocean food chain and eating the alpha predator in any system is bound to screw things up. so if things get screwed up, i might not be able to get lobsters and crabs and other stuff way down the food chain.

i don't eat lions for similar reasons, although if it were down to me and a lion, i'd have to take him down.

Jul 19, 07 8:47 am

Yeah, they are pretty much all endangered. I think you can find Mako in the supermarket, right next to the chilean sea bass and beluga caviar, a few more endangered species.

Jul 19, 07 8:47 am
Sarah Hamilton

Damn. can't they farm the stuff that taste good, except for salmon. Why again cant they farm salmon? I read it once, but cant remember.

Jul 19, 07 8:50 am

Well, besides the fact its practically killed the alaskan salmon fishing economy (agribizz vs mom and pop), it tastes worse, its an environmental nightmare as per mightylittle's post, and they have to die the flesh to get it the right color. Avoid atlantic and european salmon.

Jul 19, 07 8:59 am

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