Transferring Out of Architecture School???


I'm in my first semester of Architecture School and so far I am not really liking it as much as I hoped. I am more of an analytic guy that likes to study and gain knowledge rather than build and make projects all the time.


While I do like making the models and doing the drawings, I feel like I am not really learning how I hoped, not in the traditional classroom sense that other majors typically provide. The workload is not terrible but I just feel like my time is being used unproductively. I feel like it is not really school. My professors say I am one of the top in my studio but I am missing traditional high school studying and reading text books and stuff like that.


My favorite classes in high school were history, math, and economics. I'm just wondering if it gets better and I should continue or if I should switch out. I do like architecture and buildings and real estate but am unsure if I like architecture school. 


If I do transfer, any suggestions of good majors to choose that apply my interests?

Nov 11, 12 3:24 pm

Computer Science

Nov 11, 12 4:16 pm

i believe most schools have majors in history, math, and economics.  from you interests in high school, i would think any of these would be a good fit for you.

there might not be much of a job waiting for you with a history degree.

Nov 11, 12 5:51 pm

Maybe you should look more at the history/theory/criticism side of architecture? Does your program have increasing numbers of history/theory classes, or opportunities to take them, as you progress further?

Nov 11, 12 7:43 pm
wurdan freo

Hmmm... lets see. You like economics and math... maybe you should study...oh... I don't know... ECONOMICS!!!! 

WTF!!! You hear that little voice in your head... listen to it. 

If you still want to be around the built environment, get a finance degree and work in real estate.

What I really want to know is who is the dipshit guidance counselor who told you to study architecture?

Nov 12, 12 10:16 am

I'm inclined to agree with the last poster.  Archi49, can you give us more information about why you chose to study architecture?  We may be able to give you better suggestions.

Nov 12, 12 10:22 am

Actuarial Science... but you'd probably suck at it.

I mean you couldn't even predict what you really wanted to study

Nov 12, 12 7:36 pm
Dr. Architecture

Aside from the thoughts above, I would suggest you visit the University Career Center on your campus.  The career counselors are there to help you with this "major" decision.  I would suggest you follow your interests.

Talk to other students, visit with faculty, the bookstore to see the books of possible courses, etc.  Tap into the resources of your university.

Nov 20, 12 11:49 am

Perhaps you ought to consider a degree in finance with an emphasis on real estate development.

Nov 20, 12 7:44 pm
i r giv up

further proof that undergrad degrees in architecture are way fucking stupid.

Nov 20, 12 11:02 pm

Actually, irgu, I'd go the other way on that. Graduate degrees in architecture are way stupid. To be functional as a full-time intern architect, you only really need about 3 years of higher education total. Everything beyond that is just gilding the lily, credentialism, and universities strip-mining students for tuition. It's in the professional sphere where you do all your real learning in this business anyway. I certainly would not recommend that anybody spend more than 5 years in higher ed to be an architect. That's just dumb.

Nov 21, 12 1:06 pm


When I first got into architecture school, I went through what you sound like you are going through now.  At first I thought maybe I didnt get it or wasnt getting as a high grades because I wasnt a good architect (I had a 4.0 in engineering school!)  then when it was to late I realized it was because architecture schools are just a conglomerate of fucking dumbasses... not kidding get out while you still can.  ANYONE CAN DESIGN A GOOD BUILDING THATS WHY ITS NOT IN DEMAND.  Choose a major thats in demand engineering or premed

Nov 25, 12 11:25 pm

i agree with DaveZ, the career field is a struggle right now without any sign of getting much better any time soon... unless you LOVE it, like you go to bed and all you can think about is building designs, parti diagrams, floor plans and the best way to present your ideas..

or you go on vacation and your first interest is about all the new and interesting buildings you might see..

if your free time on the web you are frequenting archi blogs.. and what not..

like if you dont feel like your doing these kinda things.. then you're not in love with it and you need to get out...

or you will be sorely depressed upon graduation...

accounting, economics, computer science, web development, mechatronics.. all good choices.

Nov 26, 12 1:23 am

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