Do I need to renew NCARB record?


So I have finished IDP and have had everything transferred to my local board to begin taking my AREs. Just received an email my NCARB is about to expire. Is it necessary to keep NCARB current now that IDP is done? Does CAB require it to take the tests? I live in California btw. Thanks everyone.

Nov 9, 12 12:31 am

there is a good chance you will need an active ncarb record to get your license once you are done with the tests.  you may need to check with your state regulations.

Nov 9, 12 7:07 am

Let it lapse, worse case scenario is NCARB really starts hurting and instead of waiving the renewal fees they start giving it away for free

Nov 9, 12 10:05 am

Also -- if, at some future date, you decide to move to another state to work and want to carry a license in that new state, you'll need an NCARB record to facilitate reciprocity

Nov 9, 12 10:36 am

And if you ever want to be NCARB certified, having a current NCARB record transform your initial fee from $1500 to a little over $100.

Nov 9, 12 11:55 am

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