Working as an Intern with Freelance Architect


I recently got this offer from a freelancer who is in the process of establishing the firm in Munich, Germany. I have to undergo practical training in the next semester for 6 months.

He is paying more than expected, but the only issue, he a freelancer and has no steady project listing.



highly confused. 

Nov 6, 12 10:51 pm
Gyo are u asking if u should work for him or...?

Nov 6, 12 11:21 pm

my friend had a similar situation... in the end he didnt get the pay...

who knows

Nov 6, 12 11:25 pm

Yes i am highly confused whether to work or not. I am from India, and yes what he is offering is way more than standard student stipend in Europe. I don't know what to do..

Nov 7, 12 2:18 am

Wow, freedom.  It's really a bitch, isn't it?


Nov 7, 12 9:27 am

What you should do is sign a "contract" or something? 

In a way he will know you are serious about getting paid, and also since you aren't from the state, its a safe thing to do.

Nov 7, 12 8:14 pm

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