What is the best way to learn "California Building Codes" on your own?


I'm trying to find the best & the most efficient way to learn California Building Codes on my own.  I would like to hear about your comments, and experiences.  

Oct 30, 12 6:55 pm
Sergo Antadze

read it

Oct 31, 12 12:19 am

Begin with the "Effective Use of the Code" in the front of the CBC, and refer simultaneously to Ching's Building Codes Illustrated.

Oct 31, 12 1:11 am

Open the book and read. Just do it.  Get off archinect.

Oct 31, 12 2:56 am

And does anybody know where I can purchase the printed copy of California Building Codes?

Sep 2, 13 4:28 pm


Sep 2, 13 6:49 pm
Janosh has it in downloadable pdf format.  Building codes are public regulations and have been held to be public domain.

Sep 2, 13 10:47 pm

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