Herman Hertzberger - Lessons for Students in Architecture.


Fours years of undergrad schooling and not one was his name brought up or mentioned by any one of my profs, faculty or classmates.

I just managed to read his book, "Lessons for Students in Architecture" and wish I had read it very early on.  Sure the work and examples in the book might be dated, but his theory is every bit important today and it could have helped me immensely in all work I've done to this day.

Can any of you familiar with his writings recommend me other such books?


Oct 30, 12 8:16 am

he was a student of Aldo Van Eyck (who was part of team 10)- IMO, Van Eyck is one of the more important figures in our field that people seem to neglect a bit too much.  I'd also look at the work of Piet Blom (part of that crew) if you're into that era in dutch architecture.

Oct 30, 12 9:05 am  · 
wurdan freo

no academic curriculum can be comprehensive. If it cannot be comprehensive then someone must choose what is in and what is out.  did you ever question your profs on why they were preaching the info they were? Better to educate yourself on your passions then rely on someone else to tell you what is important. Good for you for finding him. What else have you missed?

Oct 30, 12 10:47 am  · 
ka em

As toasteroven said, Aldo van Eyck is really important and so is Team X. In fact, I think most architects involved in that group really had something significant to say - perhaps not strictly architecturally but ideas-wise.

Oct 30, 12 9:35 pm  · 

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