MIT SMarchS?!



I will be applying for M arch II programs soon-ish. I have already decided on GSD, YSOA, Umich and Upenn and want to apply to 2 more schools. 

The SMarchS program in architectural design at seems interesting but I had a doubt about it being more research/theory heavy than design studio oriented... at least from what i could figure the program description.

However the subject requirement makes it seem a bit more flexible depending on my choice of studios... whether i want to take more design studios or theory based studios.

Being an international student i can't make it to the open house. So any help on the subject matter will be greatly appreciated!!

Oct 26, 12 2:15 am

I heard good things about the SMarchS at MIT from my professor, who went to GSD, then MIT (for the phd) and taught some schools such as Columbia....its supposed to especially good if you want to get into teaching. However I never went there so my input is only from word of mouth

Oct 26, 12 10:43 am
MR. Obsessive

snigdha i think the smarchs programme in architectural design is brand new. I think this is its first year. ive asked around. no one really knows much about it. 

Oct 27, 12 10:58 pm

oh really? i wasn't aware of that !!

even I'm not able to get much on it...

Oct 28, 12 4:01 pm

Yes it is a brand new program... i just saw the 2012 MIT architecture brochure and they don't have it as a part of architecture design.

Nov 3, 12 4:41 pm

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