Church/Tower Precedents


I'm wondering if I could call on the collective knowledge of the greater archinect community for a brief moment and ask for precedents.

I would like to know if there are any good, built examples of a large tower (the taller the better) that is built above an existing church. They could be cantilevering, built right out of the church, whatever....I'm just having a hard time coming up with anything. Ideally the church would still be a church, but examples of where the church is converted into something else would be okay also. And I guess if necessary the historic piece could be something other than a church...but again I'm really looking for churches with tower sprouting out of them (The Hearst tower in NY would be a great example if only the historic building was a church). 

The only example even remotely close that I can think of is the Citicorp center in New York. I'm sure there must be lots of examples over in Europe where they are a little less precious with their historical buildings...but I can't think of anything that includes a high rise.

Oct 25, 12 8:53 pm

Kolumba Art Museum - Peter Zumthor (very low rise building, admittedly, but built directly on the remains of an old cathedral)

Sagrada Familia? Its construction is pretty much a gradual accumulation over decades.

Oct 26, 12 6:07 am

Yeah, Kolumba is a great building...but unfortunately the issues at play are completely different because the church is a ruin. In this case the congregation wants to retain the original composition of the the church...

Any other thoughts? I take the relative silence to mean all are just as stumped as I am....

Oct 26, 12 8:31 pm

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