what is the English name for this type of drawing?


I am looking for someone to help me.

Normally for a neiborhood housing development, we have a site plan, and other drawings to complete this urban planning task.  For this site plan, we need to put elevation for some key points in the road, this site plan generally uses all the facilities's 1st floor plan.  Do we still call this a site plan or something like hypsography?

If I couldn't explain clearly, pls see the attached drawing.

Oct 23, 12 6:26 am


I would call it a site plan.

Oct 23, 12 7:27 am
Maria M

site plan...

Oct 23, 12 10:30 am

i'm going to go with master plan.  there are multiple projects and it doesn't have the sort of utility or grading and whatnot detail that a site plan would have.

Oct 23, 12 10:51 am

master plan

Oct 23, 12 11:25 am

Be more content specific! I'd personally go with "nouveau-burb shitfest birds-eye"

Oct 23, 12 11:51 am

Master Plan - I use to do lots of these during one of my internship jobs

Oct 23, 12 12:15 pm

Hi, all,

Thanks for your prompt response.  This drawing is specifically for showing the elevation of different points in a site plan, it will include grading and retaining wall as well if there is any. I guess site plan or master plan is suitable.

Also, what is the difference between master plan and site plan?

And finally, Rusty, this thread is no fun at all without your comments.

Oct 23, 12 12:46 pm

Setback diagram, zoning / buildable area plan

The lines represent the distance the buildings have to be away from the street?

Oct 23, 12 4:14 pm

i would go with "spot elevation plan" then.

master plan is for outlining where streets and buildings and some landscaping go at a neighborhood or development sort of level.  a site plan is usually a single building (possibly accessory buildings) on a single site.

Oct 23, 12 4:33 pm

 I have always thought of a master plan as a site plan based on all the phases of a bigger construction project, that will be developed at different times.

Oct 25, 12 12:58 am

Hi all, thanks for all your suggestion. here is my conclusion: site grading plan.  I might have other questions related to translation later on, pls come back and post your valuable suggestions again.

Oct 29, 12 10:09 pm

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