(WWMVDRD) What would Mies Van der Rohe Drive?


I'm a big fan of Mie's work, if he was still alive today, what kind of car do you think he would drive? 

Oct 21, 12 3:51 pm

maybe maybach ..

Oct 21, 12 11:02 pm

1968 Quasar Unipower

Oct 22, 12 1:00 am

We can be pretty sure that Mies would never deign to drive himself.

Oct 22, 12 2:29 am
a mouse

He'd drive a Saab '95 like every other fucking architect.

Oct 22, 12 3:03 am
tranz kafka

His driver's licence would be taken away for drunk driving.

Oct 22, 12 3:34 am

It is a fact that Mies never had a driver's license and would most likely not be interested in answering such a mundane and materialistic question if posed to him.

Oct 22, 12 11:05 pm

yes but WHAT IF?!?  (mies not materialistic el oh el!)

and mouse, mies is not like 'every other fucking architect'.

sheesh!  MIES!!!

Oct 22, 12 11:58 pm

Mies owned a pale yellow Oldsmobile. I believe his son-in-law Dirk Lohan drove for him. His 'taste' in objects seemed to be along the lines of elegant simplicity. His self-designed gravestone is a simple stone horizontal slab. 

eric chavkin

Oct 23, 12 12:28 pm

There's an elegant simplicity in the way he inserted the IIT campus in Chicago.  Less is more, unless it's a community of humans.

Oct 23, 12 12:54 pm

...way to completely ignore the question and say the same thing you've been saying in 7000 different ways Thayer..congrats.

and mouse...i don't think i know a single architect who drives a saab

Oct 23, 12 10:06 pm

Didn't he live in a turn of the century residence rather than something modern? If he were alive today and had to trade in his yellow olds I bet he would go for something like a Lincoln.

Oct 24, 12 1:10 am


Oct 24, 12 1:20 am

@eric Dirk lohan is mies' grandson... @permit mies lived in an apartment in a four or five story building, in front of a small park, and which had no doorman.

Oct 24, 12 5:32 am

Thanks Raymonde. Never met Lohan. Never met Mies (too young) but he was a topic of conversation as my wife's ex-inlaws built many of his buildings in Chicago.

Oct 24, 12 6:50 am

I'm sorry Lars, I don't mean to bore you or ignore the question.  I think Mies would drive the 1968 Quasar Unipower pictured above.  That's a funny picture!

Oct 24, 12 8:15 am

Probably a chaffered Mercedes S-Class.  Or maybe a Rolls-Royce?

I've no idea, yo!

Oct 25, 12 12:50 pm

The Weekend Mies.  Thanks, mdler.


Yes, that's him.  Picture a stogie in left hand.

Oct 25, 12 8:59 pm

@evan is that some sort of pope mobile? very miesian ...

Oct 29, 12 7:50 pm

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