MS in Construction Management or Sustainable Design?


I am a 4th year Architecture student from India. I am not that good of a designer, so I don't want to be hard core designer. I like doing research work. I want to do masters right after finishing B.Arch. I don't have much time, to take off and work, and then go to school again.  I am ambiguous about settling permanently in the US, I may come back to India after Masters. So these are the questions I have in mind:

1) What are the qualifications for International students to apply for MS Sustainable Design, in the US?

2) What are good schools that offer MS in Sustainable design? And how is the pay?

3) Many of my seniors do MS in Construction Management? I know, a career in construction industry is unstable, but how is the pay if we choose to do Construction Management?

4) Is there any scope for settling, stably, in the US, if I do either of these Masters? I don't have much time. If I don't get into a Masters program which starts in Fall'14, my parents will get me married. Yes, arranged.

5) I like to study about Sustainability, but if its not safe, then I need to have a back-up.

6)Should I do Construction Management? (which is not my favorite but, if it promises stable career, then why not?)

7) I am good at research, organizing things, making people work and some architectural soft wares, cad, revit et al. I also like reading and painting, and watching movies. I really like to study about cost effective construction and sustainable design.

I want to do a masters in something that promises stable income. If things work out, I will go back to designing, but for now, I have to focus on settling. Please Advice

Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 21, 12 11:57 am

Hello Dear Sharini,

Please send me your e mail in order to send you information about masters.


Jul 20, 13 8:20 am

Do an MS in Construction Management over one in sustainability.  The latter is too niche oriented.  If in the U.S., you can just get a LEED certificate.  The former, C.M., is broader based; however, it's more suited to a construction company, developer, or design-build.  I suppose it can make you more skilled in an architectural setting, too, especially if the C.A. phase was a big part of your job.

Jul 20, 13 8:56 pm

Since the construction sector is blooming in India, I'd advise you for a degree in Construction Management


I hope you would find this helpful:-

May 29, 14 4:00 am

MS. Sustainable Construction at SUNY ESF is a cool program (they also have Construction Management. It is also a great school for the money. 

May 29, 14 9:01 am
SHarini, send me your email, I'll connect you with someone who wrote the book on architectural education.
May 29, 14 11:30 am

do a MS in construction management and then in your professional career (or during ms construction management education) how to make things sustainable.


win win

May 29, 14 11:05 pm

First thing is your priority:

  1. Do you want settle in US.
  2. Do you want to learn construction management.
  3. Do you want to do research in sustainable architecture.
  4. Do you want to do job in sustainable architecture.
  5. You want to earn more money.
  6. Something else.

Depending upon your priorities there are many other ways to do things.

Jun 1, 14 3:05 am

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