publishing a project?


How can I publish an unbuilt project?  I think this project is pretty dope and original.  It is a residential project.  I am looking for somewhere to publish it.  I will shamelesly admit that I want some recognition, not money (unless someone wants to build it haha) thats all.

Oct 16, 12 1:39 pm

please help me.  I always appreciate all of the archinects collective wisdom!

Oct 16, 12 1:43 pm

I think you can do that on the morpholio app for iphones and ipads.


Good Luck!

Oct 16, 12 1:49 pm

put it on archinect as a project is easiest.

if you want it in a magazine just send it by email to any magazine you think it suits.  this is what we have done in our office.  lately magazines and books contact us and ask to publish our work.  sometimes we decline, usually not.  quite honestly i think they find us through arch daily or possibly a blog entry somewhere, especially the publishers in asia.  if your work is interesting it will likely get copied around the interwebs pretty fast.  at the very least it is a great way to find out if you are as good as you think.

Oct 16, 12 2:48 pm

thanks guys! 

Oct 16, 12 3:18 pm
gwharton is also a good free publicity vehicle


Oct 16, 12 9:43 pm

Yeah i was going to say... send it to arch daily, they seem to be the most receptive to unsolicited projects.  Considering they put up seemingly a dozen projects a day, they must basically be willing to take most anything...

Oct 17, 12 2:46 pm

AV proyectos is another magazine that puclishes unbuilt projects, competitions

Oct 17, 12 3:44 pm

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