Another "great" job opportunity


Recently got laid off, and in searching for work, my gf came across this great job offer! "I'm looking for an architect/draftsman who can come up with a professional and excellent presentation of a new 2D house plan, elevations, section, new facade, new roof design. I have the plan supplied by my client in paper. The existing house needs a new layout design because of the addition of 2 extra garage and 1 bigger walk in closet,better design of the hallway towards the bedroom,a better plan, a new facade and a new roof design.So the candidates has to show his skills to supply a logic and nice plan. Drawings must includes all constructions details, such as wall sections, 4 sections as per the package I will forward to the hired candidate. We are located in Canada, so you will need to be familiar with our building codes. I will need as well a 3d modelling structure of the house with wireframe. At least 3 revisions must be included, more revisions will be considered a considerable "plus" for the candidate. It's very important the candidate will communicate with me daily to be updated for the progress and for other communications. Maximum availability it's a MUST for this project. If the candidate is not available on skype and email daily please don't apply. Deliverable must be a complete package with all notes, details and specs to submit to the city hall. Job must be excellent and very detailed.First sketch must be supplied early next week October 15-16th at the latest Canada morning time. Max budget is 250$ This is going to be the first of a long term cooperation." Wow. What else is there to say?

Oct 14, 12 5:54 pm

Wish i could edit this, the formatting got lost...

Oct 14, 12 5:59 pm

did they miss a few zeros to the $250 or what? ... demanding cheapskate!  who the fuck do they think we are?  I could make 250$ faster working for mcdonalds minus the stress and responsibilities xD

Oct 14, 12 6:33 pm

where did you find the ad btw? 

Oct 14, 12 6:37 pm

i want to have some fun 

Oct 14, 12 6:38 pm

Are they paying in Canadian dollars too? That's like an extra $5 here in 'merica


Oh and please post this ad I would love to "apply" for this project. 

Oct 14, 12 6:48 pm


also, "canada morning time" is hilarious.  Canada has 6 time zones.

Oct 14, 12 7:06 pm

tell me its a joke one of you posted xD

Oct 14, 12 7:08 pm

No, no, no.  This has to be a put-on.  Plans, specs, 4 sections, 3D outline, details, design work, "more than 3 revisions a plus" and being at their beck and call 24/7, all for the princely sum of $250.00!   This is a real howler!  How are they going to pick the lucky applicant?  Maybe multiple out of town (for you) interviews at your expense.  Good God.

Oct 14, 12 9:35 pm

I have a pretty hard time believing this is real too...

Oct 14, 12 10:36 pm
i r giv up

let the real trolling begin.

anyone want to suggest what my pseudonym will be?

Oct 14, 12 10:51 pm

$250 hahahahaha

Oct 15, 12 7:41 am

I can't imagine this is real, but I have no reason to believe it's trolling, either. It's on a job site I've never heard of, and they have other similar help-wanted ads up there, including this one ( asking for website proofreading for $20.


They're definitely a foreign company. Or something. I don't know. But it seems weird that anybody would put up a troll ad on a site where nobody will ever see it. I think somebody should get in touch with them.

Oct 15, 12 1:22 pm

this ad might be legit.. here is someone's response to a similar ad in Canada I believe xD

Oct 15, 12 2:02 pm

that ad might be legit... here is someones response to a similar ad in Canada xD

Oct 15, 12 2:03 pm

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