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Hi, I am a Landscape Architecture student, and right now I'm looking for schools abroad (US + Europe) in order to continue my graduate studies in Architecture (professional degree). Currently I am in an American system, therefore I'm looking for a MArch 3+ program.

I would rather go to London, but as I know, it is very difficult becoming a professional architect there due to the RIBA system. However, are there any American schools in London that are good for architecture? Europe? US?

Thanks a lot!

Oct 10, 12 8:00 am

i may be mistaken but I don't think there are any American universities that have architecture programs based primarily in Europe.  You could do an exchange for a semester but the bulk of your studies will take place in America... unless you're just there to research your thesis or so :/  This isn't like highschool where there are American school.

Oct 10, 12 4:32 pm

Cornell have a campus in Rome (for architecture), I was thinking on the lines of that.

Oct 21, 12 6:25 am
Dima Srouji

Most london schools have masters and graduate programmes that would be equivalent of the MARCH I

Check out the AAs graduate programmes. Also Kingston has a good graduate programme as Daniel Rosbottom is the head now.

Oct 26, 12 3:28 pm

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