Looking to make new contacts in PDX



I am writing this entry in hopes of making some new contacts in Portland, OR.  I have been unemployed for three years and have exhausted my network of contacts in my search for acquiring new employment. I have 9 years experience, have worked in small and large firms, and am one exam from being registered.  If you find yourself in a similar place and would like to meet and share experiences or if you are employed, I would love to hear from you.  It is a tough market here in PDX and all I am seeking is to meet new people in town since it is hard doing this while one is out of the work environment.

Oct 9, 12 1:08 pm

i have been contemplating moving to Portland, have been doing some intense research on firms, so far ive found that there are about 150-200 architecture firms mostly in Portland, and others in the metro area, have you applied to them all??

Just wanting to know... what the odds are of landing a job there...

if i do decide to relocate it wont be until next Fall,... but its never too early to start to research i guess...

Dec 30, 12 10:55 pm

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