Art School or University for Architecture???


What do you think a better place to study architecture? Schools that offer only art majors besides architecture (such as Pratt, RISD, etc.) or schools that are more well-rounded that offer a variety of majors and are larger (such as Cornell, Syracuse, etc.)?

Do you think the art schools rely too much on "art" (like more graphic, creative, out-there ideas) and not enough architecture/technical?

Do you think the university schools don't have enough creativity?


Just wondering what people think is a better type of school for learning architecture

Oct 7, 12 2:53 pm

I went to both art school (Parsons) and currently attending "rounded" school (Syracuse)... in the end it boils down to what would you prefer.

Art schools are very into color theory and representation techniques  (3d modelling)which I rarely see in Syracuse...

But well rounded schools have a better understanding on how the building is put together and theory.


So in the end its what are you trying to get at

Oct 7, 12 2:57 pm

Apply to both types and see where you get in. That will make part of your decision for you.

Oct 7, 12 5:40 pm

If you want to be employed as an architect, eventually you will need an accredited professional architecture degree. You can do that either as undergrad or masters level, and the art school degree can complement it.

Oct 8, 12 1:49 pm

Biggest difference between going to a place like RISD vs Syracuse is the kind of people that will be around you.

At a university you can make connections outside of the usual architecture circle. But if stuff like football games, frats and whatnot are a distraction to you, then the creative community of an art school might be a better fit.

In terms of the actual educational content, I don't think there is a big difference, other than art school putting you through foundation art classes the first year.

Oct 8, 12 3:49 pm

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