Portfolio Critique


Hello Fellow Archinectors.

This is my portfolio at the end of a 3 year BArch.

It would be great to get to any  thoughts  / feedback / opinions.

I understand there isn't much text, as this folio will be accompanied by a verbal presentation to a critiquing panel.

Though any thoughts on layout / flow / graphics or just any suggestions in general are much appreciated.

(The document is intended to be viewed as single pages rather then spreads, so once you click into the document to load full screen, please also click the single page icon at the top of the screen for best viewing).


Many thanks..!!

Oct 7, 12 12:22 am

Any models?

Oct 7, 12 2:51 am

There will be one, but i haven't had a chance to put it in yet.

Oct 7, 12 3:13 am

You have a very clean layout with nice white space.  I think a few of your images- especially the very first image in "Into One Another Surfaces Bleed"- could benefit from less detail. As an introductory image, we don't need to see all that complicated hatching. It seems you have a nice eye for color- let that tell more of the information.

Oct 7, 12 2:14 pm

It's alright as far as your education goes. The designs show you know something about how a building comes together at first glance.

That being said I would at least add a few technical drawing examples like details and dimensioned floorplans. That goes a long way to potential employers if they want to know if you are an able CAD/BIM user rather than taking your word for it.

Oct 7, 12 11:09 pm

why is the SANAA Rolex Learning Center in there? Did you build a model of it to study its threshold/s?

I would offer a bit more explanation about each project.

Oct 8, 12 8:42 am

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