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MR. Obsessive

Hello all,

I am in my fifth year of architecture. I am applying to the M.Arch II Programmes in the US. as well as the Smarchs Programme at MIT for fall 2013. I will graduate in may 2013. I have not yet started my thesis(final) project and i will be sending in my portfolio without it. 

I have been told that the SmarchS programme does not accept students without work experience. I personally am not aware of anyone who has applied without work experience. Could someone please shed some light on this.

Thanks a lot.

Oct 3, 12 10:09 am

I've known people that attended straight out of undergrad with a few internships and professor assistanships under their belt.

If you can tie small assignments to the program you're applying to, it should help you chances.

Oct 3, 12 2:13 pm

I'm speaking about the Design and Computation group though.

Oct 3, 12 2:26 pm
MR. Obsessive

thanks metal... im looking more at the smarchs programme in architectural design... but im sure this applies here to certain extent as well

Oct 5, 12 6:41 am

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