dia art foundation exterior paving


I've seen many pictures on the web of the landscape work at the Dia art foundation. I was curious about the pavement used there, that allow bot completely mineral ground or partial grasscrete pavement.
Does anybody know if the product is easy to find or is it custom made for the project?....

May 24, 07 10:49 am

I was just there last Sunday. It looks like a standard zigzag shaped perforated paver. I don't think it was custom. I'll see if I can find an image of it.

May 24, 07 11:04 am

They were similar, if not exactly the same, as the paver in the image on the upper left. Hope this helps!

May 24, 07 11:10 am

One more:

May 24, 07 11:17 am

Thanks squaresquared
It does help to know that they are actually standard material. It's the firm time I see pictures depicting such a subtle transition between mineral surface and grass with this material though. Does it look like it's exceptional or have I just seen good pictures of something that's actually nothing special?

May 24, 07 11:25 am

French, I know what you're referring to. The front portion of the paving, where cars turn to loop back into the parking lot, might have some of the perforations filled (maybe with sand?), or they might just be worn down from the traffic. I can't remember exactly, but I did notice that smooth, strange effect. You might want to search for information about Robert Irwin, the installation artist who designed the entrance to the museum.

May 24, 07 11:32 am

Thanks squaresquared, I'll search for it...

May 24, 07 11:32 am

I heart Irwin...

I'm pretty sure the "smooth transitions" are a result of the frequency of use. At least the pedestrian paths.

May 24, 07 4:28 pm

I really like these:

Cheap, but durable. I've been using it for all my contracts this past summer and no complaints.

Sep 13, 17 11:49 am

I'm sorry, what is the point of this material? Is it just "dots look cool?"

Sep 13, 17 12:05 pm

DC, are you asking what is the purpose of pervious pavers? To reduce storm water run-off, replenish ground water, and reduce heat.

Sep 13, 17 1:27 pm

no, why is it plastic?

I would never spec plastic for this application


Yes, seem suspicious. I've no experience with it.

I suspect it is used because it is inexpensive, compared to say perforated concrete units.

I want to use those concrete units that have the fibre optics cast in, if they are available. A German firm was developing them last I looked.


I thought you were kidding but I googled it, the subtle ones are really cool. I want some.


The other is fire lanes...

btw; decade old zombie thread bump by Worge probably trying to sell some junk.

Sep 13, 17 2:54 pm

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