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whiteny or verlag is quite nice.

also look at vista sans, from as well

houseindustries does some funky stuff if you are into that.

I would suggest using only one sans and one sans serif that are complimentary

Aug 31, 07 3:08 pm
won and done williams

when i did my thesis on las vegas, i bought the tiki font family from house. i whip it out every now and again when i can be playful with type.

my favorite all-purpose font, palatino. it's a great, subtle background font - doesn't make too much of itself, but is still elegant. similarly, mrs. eaves, but does start to feel like a charles dickens novel after a while.

Aug 31, 07 3:32 pm

greetings, wanted to know your take on my choice o text for my portfolio, Impact and Century Gothic

May 12, 19 9:58 pm

It's a slightly strange combination, because both are better for announcement type things - headers, posters, notices. Neither reads great in large amounts. So if you've got a little block of descriptive text for each project - more than a sentence or two - then I wouldn't choose either of those two fonts for that text. The other weirdness - though maybe it's a deliberate juxtaposition - is that the moods of the two don't necessarily go together. Century Gothic seems like a simple/dumb/naive though maybe contented font - it reminds me of colored plastic alphabet letter refrigerator magnets. Impact seems angry, blunt, and industrial - like you stomped your portfolio with heavy stencils. Maybe that's what you're going for? If so then good.


Have to see it first, have a teaser or something?


Comic Sans on everything. 

May 13, 19 3:24 pm

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