Any folks work there before ?  impressions  ? know of similar firms?

Sep 13, 12 9:52 am

You usually don't work for Aecom, you work for a firm owned by Aecom. Its like how Perkins + Will is owned by another group in the middle east. So it can depend from firm to firm.

Sep 13, 12 11:39 am

worked there as a contract worker at AECOM/Ellerbe Becket

Impressions? no problems we only usually worked until 7pm and on fridays, the usual posting party until 11pm - just your basic stuff - I worked on Kaiser projects(OSPD)

Sep 13, 12 11:59 am

no exp with aecom, i'd expect them to be similar to URS and Parsons Brinckerhoff, as in lots of very good project managers, engineers, and architects, with a somewhat low emphasis on design compared to boutique arch. firms.  

much higher pay and better hours than boutique firms too

Sep 13, 12 3:12 pm

are you in the US?

Sep 13, 12 3:13 pm

yup, I'm US-based,  but looking for a ticket out of here for a few years ,  infrastructure / ppp  type projects in emerging economies might be the thing....  not sure who's hiring.

... also not sure what angle to take as I'm not licensed yet nor wedded to working as a full on architect... Dred the thought of mega corporation HR hurdles, but would be worth it to be able to land a gig in an interesting part of world.

Any archinecter's out there with Central Asian or African experience ? 

Sep 14, 12 11:15 am

I had an interview in the L.A. studio and it was lovely. I'm not really cut out for corporate offices, so we amiably decided it wasn't for me, but from my experience, they have a good design culture and foster a healthy studio culture, which can be rare in large offices. Note that this was an interview with AECOM, not one of their division or subsidies, so your experience may vary.

Sep 14, 12 4:22 pm

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